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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Talk About Bad Taste

I can't imagine that this Mexican restaurant serves drinks that don't leave a bad taste in your mouth. This billboard is NOT a joke, it was spotted on a roadside in Indiana. Now, I know Indiana is full of corn, but I am quite sure there are also folks there who remember the mass suicide to which this billboard refers.

I can't imagine how many free tacos they'd have to promise me to patronize one of their establishments, but the number would have to be issued with an exponent. Perhaps there are people who find this advertisement amusing so for them, and any other sadistic advertising companies out there, I offer the following slogans for free:

British Petroleum...We didn't kill YOUR fish!

Dr. N. Azi DDS...Our gas may not come out of a shower head, but it will make you laugh!

ACME Luggage Co...Come to our Lockerbie celebration, it's raining suitcases!

Sears Tower Observation Deck...If you're lucky you might get a great view of approaching aircraft!

Mike Vick Doggie Day Care...We guarantee our females stay put for your males!

New Orleans...Free Motor boat rental for all white visitors!

New Zealand Dennys...Tackle our 6 story stack-O-pancakes!

Christa McAuliffe Center for Citizens in Space...We teach you which button NOT to push!

The Zahra Baker Experience...Find a bone and your visit is free!

Mail Order Muslim Brides...They may not be willing, but hey, they're only 9, you can easily hold their non-compliant asses down!

And the Abby Daily Mess:


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