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Monday, February 21, 2011

Good Monday!

I spent my weekend removing two layers of caulk from a bathtub and applying one. (I bought a "caulk remover" but it was so useless that I think it was invented by the same jack-ass who marketed the Pet Rock.) The first layer I had to remove was "transparent" caulk and it was applied rather sloppily. The difficulty there was finding the caulk to remove it. It was EVERYWHERE. The second layer of caulk was so hard that I suspect it was grout. I had to chisel it off. If ever there was an example of "Do it right the first time and you won't have to do it again", this was it. All I have left to do is scrape off any extraneous caulk I may have left behind. I'll get back in the stupid tub when my back stops hurting from yesterday's effort.

I just took a short break because the room was filling with short people. One of them took a donut out of a box-0-donuts, ate half of it and then ran to the bathroom. He left the donut on the kitchen counter. Being the annoying person that I am, I took that donut (and the box) and hid it. He is currently whining to his mother that his sister ate his donut. I guess I have to address that situation, BRB.

OK, I'm back. I love being annoying. These kids have been sadly neglected when it comes to teaching practical jokes. They didn't even know about the kitchen hose/rubber band trick until I pulled it on them...separately. That one never loses it's ability to crack me up. I have taken it upon myself to teach them the tricks of the trade so this evening, someone will have a plate full of salt.

I guess it's time to go sit in the bathtub and curse the yahoo's who caulked it wrong. It may not sound like pleasant thinking but it helps me pass the time.

On a serious note, I heard about another teen aged victim of cyber-bullying that committed suicide. That is simply heartbreaking. Please, if you are a victim of cyber bullying, contact me and let me help put the bully in their place before you hang yourself. I have the potential to be quite a bitch and I'm rather confident that I can squelch any nit-wit teenager who feels the needs to cowardly bully from behind a computer monitor.


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