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Monday, February 14, 2011

Good Monday!

Abby may have more energy that the Energizer Bunny, but somewhere under that hyper, insane facade is a smart dog waiting to be taught. She learns tricks in one morning. I don't teach her one everyday, I usually just practice the old ones to get them ingrained in her head. The hard part is actually getting a chance to tell her what to do, she's usually doing them all, one after another, waiting for a treat.

This one is "Lap!" When I say "Lap" she is supposed to curl up at my lap and put her head in it. She did that part but the camera just caught her eating her treat.

Next we have one of her more impressive tricks, "Jump!" I finally got a shot of her actually jumping although you can't see the air she cleared. By the time I get someone to help me with the pictures, you'll be seeing some serious DOG JORDAN! Here's the one that was hard to teach but she does it like a pro now. I may have made a mistake with this one, she can push the stool over to the counter and grab whatever she has a notion to grab.
Her plain ol' "Lie down" move, inexplicably tough for her. Maybe it's because, done properly, it takes her further from the treat.
Sit pretty is way too easy. It's the first thing I taught her and she usually sits as soon as I walk into the room as to say, "Look what a good puppy I am, I'm already in position!"

We're working with hula hoops now which is proving to be quite a challenge because she seems to be terrified of that sucker.


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