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Monday, February 07, 2011

To Ron From His Philipino Girlfriend Who was Trying to Manipulate Him into Marriage...They even referred to themselves as married

My Darlin Ron,
I dont know what to say but Im really angry of what Kelly is doing! Now shes saving herself for what she has done. She's is now making things worst by telling you that Im the one asking her about who you are and what you are? Honestly, the only three questions I have asked her is… first, if you have the same religion and you just have different church? The second one is....why Ron and you got separated when nine or ten years is a bit long relationship for husband and wife? The third is I asked a copy of the divorce paper which I have told you I am going to tell Kelly because I want to know whom she is playing the game with.....YOU or ME? And she answered NO! as stated in her letter and she wants me to ask a copy from you .And in her letter to you, she is really making sure that you already have the divorce paper and emphasizing you have the knowledge of it even before.
After all what she has said bad and negative things about you, now she is saying that she doesnt want to feed me any bad information about you? Shes the one who have said it all about you, with all the letters I have forwarded to you coming from her. I cant stand this kind of woman and I dont want to be used by someone like her!!! Now, she is writing you to say that am asking things about you? I never thought someone would ever do this to me for I never hurt or done any thing wrong with anyone else. I think you have to write her back and tell her to stop intruding to our relationship, and tell her whatever she said both of us will never believe. She has her own life now, and whatever bad things she is doing now will all get back to her. Darlin write her back only once If she writes back again, dont reply anymore, just write her ONCE. She's making all things worst for us now. I Am so confused, too of what is happening, Part of her intention the way I analyzed it is for you to make a bad impression on me by telling you that she doesnt want to say anything about you to me, well in fact I have asked only 3 questions and she have said whatever she wanted to say about you! Darlin, what is this happening? I AM SO CONFUSED!! I dont want to think that I am being a victim on all whats happening. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I REALLY LOVE YOU, HOW I CARE SO MUCH ABOUT YOU and HOW MUCH PAIN IT WILL CAUSE MY LIFE TO LOSE YOU.

I am asking you to please find a solution. please do everything now to give way to our plans of starting our papers for she will not stop. This made me depress again, and I am crying again for I dont know where I am. All I could say is that I REALLY LOVE YOU and WHOEVER YOU ARE I WILL STILL LOVE YOU, no matter what others may say about you.

Thats better Darlin that the infection is totally gone. Yes I think you have the other tooth removed before it will get infeccted again as what had happened to the other one. Yes antibiotics must be completed Darlin. I know you always enjoy the time with the kids and Im happy for you.

I will pause here and pray to GOD that everything will be fine and will guide and protect you in whatever you do. Please take good care of yourself and so with the kids and GOD BLESS YOU ALL. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH WITH ALL MY HEART and SOUL..

Your Loving Wife,

N i n g


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