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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

You know...

...I've been trying to post some pictures I took of the snow but for some reason it won't work now. Damn it.

I'll git it later.

Anyway, apparently there is a lot of snow out there, it just depends on where you look. If you glance out a window at a landscape picture, it looks pretty sedate outside. But, when you start to try to maneuver in that crap, it seems a bit more caustic. I guess you're in trouble as soon as you realize that the door won't open. All the big doors open in but the storm doors all open out and out isn't easy with a couple feet of snow on the other side of a door.

My silly friend left a note telling me not to step out the front door. I thought she was concerned about mys safety but she was only afraid that some snow might fall back in and get on the carpet. I never thought that we'd get through a blizzard without some snow on the carpet. Hell, it's been all OVER the carpet.

My friend's idiot dog got stuck in the frame of my bed the other night. She woke me up in the middle of the night struggling to get out. Dazed and confused, I tried one thing after another before I finally realized that the dog was actually IN the frame and that some bed deconstruction was in order. It was no fun at all, by the time I took the bolt off the nut my hands were shaking. I thought the dog was paralyzed when she fell out of the bed...she's such an old dog. That was 3 AM and try as I might, I couldn't get back to sleep after that. I tried but just ended up watching some old black and white movie on TCM. Almost as good as sleep.

There's a 13 year old here who spends all of his time explaining why he can't do whatever it is he's supposed to be doing. Blizzards are no fun with kids in the house. (If they didn't mess up the snow, I would've gone out and played in the new stuff myself. But they screwed it up for me so I'm currently avoiding the snow outside. Apparently it stretches for quite some distance so I couldn't walk away if I wanted to.) This kid is amazing, if you take away all of his potential excuses in a discussion, he simply "forgets' the discussion. It's excuse making at the outer limits, the likes of which I've never seen before.

Well, my daughter is supposed to have her baby this month, I need to check Facebook or that kid will grow up before anyone tells me he's here.

I think I got the pictures now:



Blogger Aloha said...

Meg - came across your blog today .... seeing other's experiences as I go through my divorce which is nowhere as painful as what you are enduring. Stay well ... and hope you come out of this strong. I am trying to write to stay calm ......


February 03, 2011  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

Yeah, it's a bitch. I'm now further than when the bomb hit but I'm still kicking the crap around. You can clean up Ground Zero but that puts you in New Jersey.

February 04, 2011  

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