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Friday, September 23, 2011

Wisdom of the guilty

1. After years of people treating you as though they don't care what happens to you, you get out of the habit of acting like a person who is cared about.

2. Vow to stop apologizing for things you did in the 80's.

3. Over which of the following do you have control:

a. It was what it was.
b. It is what it is.
c. What will be, will be.

4. It is a social impossibility for any mutual negativity to result from the action of one person. Like a tango, it takes two.

5. At what age does a "child" receive the common courtesy one offers a stranger on the street?

6. The Golden Rule contains no exception for family.

7. Love through good times is a gift. Love through rough times is a responsibilty.

8. The true malcontent is the one who slings the most arrows.

9. Denying one's self of the opportunity for communication is more destructive than any wrongdoing. It is an absolutely essential ingedient in the recipe for a happy life.

10. You can apologize for something, but you can never heal the injury. That's not easy for ANYONE to live with. It's called being human.


Anonymous Melanie said...


So true about letting go of past guilt! I had the hardest time with this for SO long. I tell you, once you forgive yourself and accept who you are (human), you feel such a weight lifted off your shoulders.


October 06, 2011  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

Yep. It is a tough lesson to learn but a simple one that pays off in happiness.

October 07, 2011  
Blogger mylifeatfullspeed said...

Love your wisdom...I just wish those who need it could read it AND understand it!

November 13, 2011  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

Oh, that will never happen. Even if they did see themselves, some people would simply get defensive and angry. This is for us.


November 22, 2011  

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