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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Hate People


...I was on the phone with a service company in some county that was recently upgraded from third world and I could quickly perceive that the person on the other end of the phone call wasn't paying a bit of attention to what I was saying. I asked about a security problem I recently experienced on my computer. I said nothing about AOL, I didn't even say anything that sounded like AOL. And then, no matter how many times I said that my call had nothing to do with AOL, the nitwit kept telling me to CALL AOL. I became relatively abrupt, brusque and slightly cheeky on the phone which hearkened another person in the room to say, "You don't talk to people like that!"

Of course, I responded, "Yes I do. After a few repetitions of those two sentences, my point finally sunk in. The emphasis is on the "I". I DO talk to people that way. I save that behavior for those who the stupid call stupid, but occasionally I DO talk to people just that way.

That puerile exchange brought to mind two things, first, another point I seem to keep stressing and secondly, a Facebook post I saw earlier today. Both times, the message was the same and slightly related to the second paragraph...and I think Popeye said it best...I am what I am.

I can, according to some standards, be a bitch.. But according to other standards, I can be a saint so I don't put much store in what other people perceive on any given day. But, if you enjoy being in my presence, you must follow certain rules. They aren't tough rules and they absolutely make sense. For example, Rule 1 is basic, if you like me enough to kiss me on the mouth, you can't bitch about me and my quirky self. I'm not about to change all of a sudden because some interloper said that my behavior was somehow not up to his personal standards.

Over the years and in many different ways, my father has let me know that girls are most definitely below men when it comes to importance. To this day, he makes comments to that effect, referring to lovemaking as "servicing" and using the phrase, "counter girl type positions". After impugning, disparaging and depreciating women at every turn, he wants to bitch when one of us does something wrong. You simply cannot publicly accept the notion that women are inherently less than men and then immediately bitch when one of them proves your point. (Add that to the fact that, "I am what I am." and you'll find very little pliability on my part.)

OK...so Rule 1 is basically a declaration of independence. I will be myself and you are free to come to my party...or not.


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