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Friday, April 27, 2012

Relatively Speaking

If there were people or a person in your life who has always made you feel like crap, how would you handle it if you had to be in their presence? If a person has consistently gone out of their way to make you feel insignificant, how do you face them and not feel like a speck of dirt on a white tablecloth? If you understand the anticipatory fear of dealing with family members (or non-family members, although it wouldn't be a life-long fear.) who don't know how to interact with you in a way befitting another adult person, how do you handle it?

I've been thinking about just that recently and I can only come up with 2 options, either ready myself by ruminating over the bad things this person has done so that I'm too annoyed to be frightened or, and I like this one, putting the person and THEIR significance in perspective.

If I consider the size of the universe, the multitudes of humans here on Earth and the importance one person really has in light of everything else...no one else on this planet has the power to do much of anything that would rock my world. The fear is the worst of it...everything else is gravy.



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