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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I was in a waiting room recently and amongst other odd members of a motley crew (yes, myself included), I noticed a man in drag. He was in white trash drag, but I guess it was the best he could muster at the time. For a moment I thought it was a woman, he was skinny enough to be an ugly skinny chick But then I saw his hands. They were most assuredly man hands and they gave him up right away.

Obviously, that guy went to a lot of trouble to look female...more so than I did. He put on make-up, I didn't. I was happy to be clean at 7:30 AM, make-up wasn't going to happen. His hair was much longer than mine, his waist smaller and heels higher but still, I felt as though, if I accomplished nothing else that morning, I accomplished looking female better than some skinny guy with scraggly hair.

Apparently, all it takes to get into a ladies room is lipstick because that guy marched in like he owned the place.  It'd be one thing if he had girl plumbing but I happen to know he didn't. I know that because he did the one thing that no male can avoid...he left the seat up.

Yep...I followed him (I'd call him a "her" if he had put the seat down. But can't do it...sorry.) into the can and sure enough, this yahoo who walked around Tampa in girl's clothes, hasn't committed himself to a toilet seat position. God I hope the government isn't paying for his sex change surgery.


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