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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Hate Change

The only real difference between liberals and conservatives is that they each have different breaking points when it comes to change. Personally, I resist change at every turn so that seems to make me conservative on many issues. Of course, I follow my own course so I often find myself leaning far to the left of any given issue. (I've often wondered how politicians would vote if issues came to them in blank envelopes and with absolutely no clue as to how the rest of the citizens, elected or non-elected, have opined. Think about that, if you take the party line out of the equation, people might actually have to come to their OWN conclusion.) Anyway, I seem to me to be a relatively reasonable, judicious and sapient person so I pretty much trust myself and my opinions.

That's not to say I always listen to my own well considered guidance and admonitions. I'm only human and if humans never acted against their own better judgement, we would be perfect and apparently, that isn't an option So, I do stupid stuff.

Even in my own stupidity, I find standards to be an absolute necessity. I may raise or lower them to meet the obstacle du jour, but I do have standards. Some of them are intrinsic, and here are a few of them...I may not put on eye-liner, but teeth are getting brushed, showers are being used and clean clothes are getting worn. Also, after basic hygiene, I want to know if I missed anything while I was sleeping. There is always a newspaper, computer or cable news channel in my immediate future. God forbid I should say something nasty about someone who was assassinated last night. Oh...and every single day I go out of my way not to get arrested. I don't rob banks, punch idiots or poison cheating husbands...no matter how much I may want to.

There is another thing, you wouldn't think it needed to be recognized verbally but what the heck, I'll do it anyway. I will not defend myself...and if you put me on the defensive, I may risk arrest.

I generally try to be a thoughtful person. I'm also quite reasonable so if you and I were to have a disagreement, I would give you an opportunity to convince me that you may be right. I also have the ability to apologize if I'm wrong even though my father says, "Apology's are a sign of weakness." And then, if all else fails, I will agree to disagree and get on with life but I won't say I agree with you when I don't. If you think about it, that's really all you can ask of another person and you're lucky if you get it.

If I were to bend according to another person's will, where would it stop? I learned along ago that if I took the trash out ONCE, it would be my job forever. The entire family would walk past a full trash can and think, "Mom'll get it." I also refuse to change tires, move furniture, wax cars and defend my own actions.

I suppose there was a time in my life when testosterone induced manipulation would have worked, but that was decades ago. Hell, at this point I'm even immune to most estrogen induced manipulation. And, I should add that I've been manipulated by the best so commonplace, pedestrian and hackneyed efforts are futile. It's not even fun to bat those attempts away. A man would have to be 8 kinds of gorgeous to get away with some of the crap I've seen lately. You, love, are not that.

I just noticed that somewhere after the title and first paragraph, I sort of went on a tangent. I'd fix it if I had a clue where I was headed but I don't. Sorry about that.


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