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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I Should Have known Better

Thirty years ago, I took two semesters of sociology from a really, really good instructor. I learned a lot in his class and I have even managed to retain a lot of it. The guy made it so interesting that I enjoyed listening to him. Anyway, we read a book by Pitirim Sorokin that discussed different societies in the history of mankind. In his social cycle theory he pointed out that before a civilization falls, it somehow becomes an extremely efficient entity...so much so that people have time for a "pleasing of the senses." Before then, they had to be creative, hard working and organized to survive. Once they spend more time pleasing the senses, standards begin to lower bit by bit. Then, you have such pesky events as the Fall of the Roman Empire.

Anyway, I was just watching the news and they mentioned Obama's new stance on gay marriage. I really wouldn't march in that parade so I didn't want to get into a "thing" over it...I don't particularly care what Obama thinks of moral issues, he answers to his own God, and I to mine. It's all good.

In case you care what my opinion is, it is this...I think marriage by the state is a totally separate affair from marriage by a church. A church should be free to have it's own religious views, whatever they may  be. A government should offer the same rights, privileges and opportunities to any American who keeps his end of the deal. That's where my part of the conversation ends because nobody agrees with me. Most people feel too strongly one way or another which is perfectly fine. May God, Allah, Apollo and Athena bless them all and keep them strong.

So, the news about Obama is on and suddenly, I am assaulted by a barrage of insults toward Obama, gays and liberals in general. It was so bad that I felt defensive of my President and fellow citizens.

Being the diplomat that I am, I quickly geared the "conversation" toward some facts, emphasizing the fact that logic would dictate that the decline of our world is unequivocally NOT due to the fact that some men take it up the ass. The rest of us have done our share to help as society evolved (whatever that may mean) from the first agriculturally minded men to the agriculturally challenged society in which we find ourselves today. Rather than contribute (in any possible way)  to the racist ramblings of an inconsequential person, I chose to discuss Sorkin's theory and other such inoffensive topics.

I can find a way to talk above the pettiness of some people, but it almost ALWAYS falls on blind ears (I left "blind" in there on purpose. Thank goodness that I proofread this sucker...I mean, of course, DEAF EARS). His response isn't worth repeating but let me tell you this...like the fat chick who finds a fatter friend, I find that in comparison, I feel like Mother Teresa, Socrates and Albert Einstein all rapped up in one person. I am woman, watch me flounder.


And I'm paraphrasing, 'There are three kinds of people, those who discuss things, those who discuss other people and then there are those who discuss ideas. "

You can garner a Brobdingnagian amount of information about a person based on the category into which they fall.



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