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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Another Head Shaker

Why, oh why, do websites ingrain one set of rules...for years on end...and then suddenly change EVERYTHING we know, every format, every icon, and every other thing we've become accustommed to. And why does this change have to be so all-encompassing and and rapid? Blogger has done that to me...I think they think I will leave.

A total change in Blogger is one thing, but this change occurs immediately on the heels of a similar change over at Facebook. I'm still reeling from that ridiculous waste of time.

One of the multitude of issues I have with Blogger's new format is the inclusion of a window for a title. I've never really titled my posts so I am now sort of forced to. I suppose I could get around it but they've gone to all of the trouble to put the window there, I think I'll try it. I owe Blogger that much.

Anyway, this is a quiet Saturday afternoon and as you know, those are good things. If I wanted to, I could even take a nap. You know? I just might try that. Back soon.


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