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Monday, April 30, 2012


Sorry to bother you guys but I'm looking for a friend named Chip. Well, that's not really his name, it's more like a moniker. It's not official, it's a simple sobriquet, an affable appellation, a silly pseudonym. Apparently it was dubbed upon this man at a very young age. I can't swear to that but Chip is a handle one picks up as a kid. No full grown man would suddenly change from Robert to Chip once his chest hair has developed to it's fullest potential and that doesn't usually happen until a guy is in his 20's.

Chip is a nickname parents give to cover up for naming boys things like Clarence, Harold and Otto. I have a sister who, let's just say, is a fan of naming humans with a flare of originality. She has one kid a with a traditional name and that's Jennifer. It seems as though the "original" name gene skips a generation because my niece named her son Orson. Luckily, he is a thin little guy so he may very well get through junior high school unscathed.

I can't complain too much because if my oldest had been a girl, she would have been called Rhiannon. I was quite the Fleetwood Mac fan back in the day.


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