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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Before I started feeling like crap...

...from this hideous flu bug, I felt like getting my mind off of my problems. This past Friday I asked some people if there was a place to shoot pool anywhere around the area I was in. Two people mentioned a place called The Sore Elbow so I hiked over to that place to just sit there and not think.

I got to the place pretty early, around lunch time, and ordered an iced tea. (Not Long Island, simply real iced tea.) I racked the balls and played alone for a while. Usually I need a buzz of some sort to play pool well but I wasn't in a drinking mood and I had nothing green to use to prop up my game. On top of being totally sober, I didn't have my glasses so I wasn't really thinking that I would accomplish anything more than a clearing of my brain.

But, thank God for young sexist men who think that a woman old enough to be their mother's mother can't shoot pool. If you add that attitude to a bunch of beer, you have a stupid kid just waiting to be stripped of his cash. Ordinarily, playing pool for money means playing for 2 to 5 bucks  a game. But, young stupid dudes think that a 20 dollar a game wager is a good idea so when he made the offer, I was only too pleased to be backed up by a nice older gentleman who realized that a set of tits doesn't automatically make one a poor pool shooter.

I let the guy keep the first 40 that I won so he doubled his money. He split it with me so I had another 20 to bet when the stupid young dude continued to think that he could beat me.

Important hint when playing pool for 20 bucks a game...if you lose 9 games in a row, do NOT try to get your money back by saying, "Double or nothing!"

So, I don't have enough money to stay at the Marriott, but I was able to get a room without cockroaches for a week.



Blogger Tundra Woman said...

Lost 9 in a ROW?? I bet your gentleman backer was grinning too!

January 08, 2013  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

He was until he left, if he had stayed long enough to see that little twit declare, "Double or nothing!", he would have cracked up.

Yep. 9 in a row, that doesn't include the tenth game that we shot for double or nothing. I left with almost 300 bucks and a smile of my own.

January 08, 2013  

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