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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dear Walter,

  I need a favor that only a prince such as yourself would consider. Seriously, besides myself, you're one person who SHOULD be aware that my time here is almost up. Certainly no one other than the two of us can benefit directly from the paying of my rent.

Of course, it benefits me because I have a place to stay. As long as the rent is paid here, I can come and go as I like and in that way, this place has a lot going for it in the way of freedom. The freedom to rest your head on a pillow comfortably at night is not necessarily dependent on the price of the pillow. I'll take my funky pillow...triple cased and tossed around in a dryer for 25 cents worth of heat daily to kill the bed bugs, over the funky pillow you bestowed upon me at your funky house 8 Days a Week.

But there is no other person on the planet who could benefit more than you from paying my rent for the month. I know you come here, I can see you. But I don't think that's breaking any laws so it's neither here nor there. But as long as I know you're here, I can ask you to pay my rent as you promised as part of the 2 month deal. Of course, you sort of broke any deals once you had your lawyer ask me what mind-altering substances that I was on the night you chose to imprison me by taking away my ability to walk away from you're whiny ass bitch self. Really dude, are you THAT stupid? Anything that I EVER took came from you. I certainly wouldn't have ever mentioned it. But for some idiotic reason that I'll never understand, you put me in a position where I have to answer honestly to any questions regarding weed. You claim to know me...so you should know that I would never turn anyone in for rolling a joint for me...you would have deserved that same protection from me if you didn't mention it to an officer of the court in the first place. DUH...you are such a jack ass.

Nevertheless, since I have irrefutable evidence of your recent visits to me and mine...why don't you ascribe yourself some decent reasons for stalking me? You could say the same shit you tell other people, stuff like the fact that you care about me, all you ever did was try to help me and the always ridiculous, "I've spent 7 grand defending myself so far." The only difference will be that, if you came here to pay my rent, you can tell the court that you were only trying to see to it that I had a place to lie my head at night. That is bound to win you friends and influence people.

Of course, I mentioned that before and known men sort of dared you to do anything so noble by saying things like, "That would require him to man up to a level he can't reach". I leave it to you...can you man up and do the right thing for once in your life? I flat OUT dare you to be a man. My money is on the fact that you won't do one fricking thing that doesn't somehow benefit yourself. Prove me wrong, I triple dog dare ya. If you do, I will post that fact as loudly as I would otherwise post the facts about how manipulative you are. You have my word. Believe it or not, that is actually something that many people take seriously.

Is there ANY ONE PERSON out there who thinks Walter will do the right thing?


Blogger Gladys said...

I am not holding my breath.

Paying your rent is not the RIGHT thing for him to do. In his mind, the right thing is for you to be forced to go back to his house which will prove him right (in his mind). He needs his victim back.

DO NOT GO BACK TO HIM. Meg, find a way but do not go back to him.

Where are you living? How much is the rent?

June 23, 2013  

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