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Hi. I'm trying to think of another description to put here. Any ideas? I'll try again at 420.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jeez, it gets worse when I reread all of his emails!

Here is some info Walter's attorney should have. To understand some of it, you need to know that Z or X or ZAN refers to xanax. B refers to MS Contin. His pain doctor is Dr. Libreros in Tampa. Most of these are stupid but you can see the threatening nature of many of them. I have to do a few things now so I'll be back later.

Here's an email from a friend of mine:

I was going to tell you after it happened and then had no idea what number to call you at and thought your facebook might be under his control but your nutjob buddy actually called me the day after I talked to you (was that last week?). I was so busy with a project I totally did the "nod and smile" thing on the phone, and ended with "ok, if I see her I'll tell her you are looking for her." and was really thinking, "Hell NO I won't tell you!" He then called me again the next day to say "Meg's back but don't tell her I called you" (that was message on my voice mail, as I didn't want to talk to him again). So, now that I can tell YOU are the one on your facebook account, let me know if you need anything in writing from me saying he's got no problem calling everyone you know to tell them you are a thief and drug addict that hangs out with BLACK PEOPLE (as if he knew I wasn't black) at a Crack House near his condo...I'd be happy to help.


Hope the z helped you!! Mine did I haven't had one all day , my excuse for being up tight hope you will call Iam wanting to b buddies!! Please let's try ilu t call me soon lit

Can't even awnser me guess u are too busy! I will be busy to you next time!!!

What's the matter? Iam getting frustrated trying to be good and not getting any good vibes from you. Should I quit tryin to b a friend?

You won't admit to any thing it's always someone else! Hey see ya in court!! Don't exepct any more me being nice to you anymore you can't be nice to me unless I do something for you well I gave u the option to come back. Now it's still up to u! I will not try anymore its wasted effort, u call me if u change yur mind. Love u forever and a day  tiger

could i have meg candy now?

Well where r u ? I've called 6 times!

i am sorry!!! i love you please forgive me!!! we can be a great couple let me get help for my lack of imperfections? lets save this please again i love you soo much tiger

Meg I sure hope that we can still talk to each other like adults. After all is said and done the fact remains that I still have faith in you. It's simple if we care about each other together,we can conquer anything! Everything will pass in time! Lets get back to being FRIENDS? I will give it my all I care about YOU!!! Please eme l u tiger hope to hear from you before Santa comes!!!! You don't want a piece of coal do you? Get back with me!! L u tiger

Remember what happens today? Walgreens did you want the Meds I bought you or not? If so call me ASAP

Where are you? It shouldn't take this long to go to your dads.

Still waiting to get in urine sample question are mosey Bp wt what are you doin? Be home ASAP Lu p cat

ive got 100.00 dollars for you if you come talk this out!!!

Come get your clothes Jose said you said to throw them in the dumpster.ill give you till mon. Then there going in  the garbage.

I am not stupid u r with the guy with the white Lincoln Iowa come by

U really called the sheriff because I got my glasses u r grabbing at straws! Ok I'll. come to court tell them the truth get u drug tested, tell them to have u psyco analyzed by the court u r going nuts I care for you and u made all this up you vendictive person all I've ever wanted to do was HELP YOU . I went to dads mon for you came home u made it into something it wasent!! I wanted to give your Meds to u also the clothes! I still care for u just come home it will b ok!!!! ILU w be nice !!!get in touch!!!! pLEASE

Please call me???nicer

Meg r u home yet if so eme like to talk to u. W

U r losing your mind other people will talk to your father and tell what they see he must hate u to not help his own daughter!

Go do your tricks for kicks your dad will hear soon

U get a zz

I did for u now follow up on your. End Iam pleasant I b and bonus!!!

Look meg Iam going to the aside to look at a boat do u want your Bp Meds ? Get back with me ASAP I don't want to leave but u don't awnser me to help you ?!!'

Waiting on u damet at the cut

Hope ur alrite will get your Meds Tuesday eme back c if u r ok pc

R u goin to awnser me or not?

R u ok u won't wake up eme please ?

Prescribsons Bp Meds ok wen I get home ok

Iam not peeking in your windo in day. Time to talk to u

U need to b nice to me not threating stop it an nice keep it up done stop now till I get. Back please ??

Don't want to awnser me as usual no talk!! ??? Why???

Hope u didn't filter me as I want to explain some of my statements get in touch with me please?

Crimping isn't the word it's crippeling destroying are errrr if u truly wanted a monogmast? I would do what I said about gettin hitched married  if I could be sure u really want me for  and me only !! That would be a good thing Iam so confused I am upside down lets go have sex in the car somewhere at the beach tonite? How about it?

And detectives will b in touch with you and your a3b4b5  so u start the vendictive shit you'll look stupid when they give u a drug test and the dealer is goin too. And when they find u be been buying with 100.00 dollar bills who's the thief now I have a reason u are sick.

U did this storys unbelievable story's lyes infidelity problems no more mr nice guy!!! Crawl back up to REALITY then call me. I can't deal with a lyer and company. U CAUSED THIS sorry I'll miss you !!! Wl

U have boyfriends in 6332a3 6332b4 6336b5(3)-4 not6314a4 u hade a fool there u think !!! Happy Easter

I've seen your true colors v day u proved what u felt for me ! Its simple u caused this u left me sick and hopeless now I see the light. Your little stunt proved to me and me friend fri note u were a gamer have had nothing can come from a friendship with u your dad will b happy mine are glad. Have a nice time without a true friend   U lost or destroyed I loved you deeply but u are very distracted with pther values than i don't. Need luv wjl

U visit others all the hours of the day and nite I've goin to sleep in a few not mad at anyone worn out y am I the blame?

Meg I hope you and I can talk today. I am sorry I got stupid say things I don't mean but that girl is JUST a friend from 30 years ago. She pays rent I want all this stuff to stop. If we aren't friends ok. But people talk and if they're wrong so be it. I am sorry. Ur I am afraid of loosingy friendship with you you are very special to ME. At dr now let's talk later sorry again. Mh

Meg I know I say things I don't mean ! Iam sorry I'll make it up to you get in touch with me fri 12:30 ok

What have I done now just don't bother me I didn't do any thing against u . U want our friendship to stop . So let's walk away as friends . I won't bother u any more. Done plenty for u don't piss off my dad I've tried to get him to stop the investigation. But if u start trouble he will flip leave things be please .thats the best thing ! Let's just be old friends . Yesterday I did for you now today you want to cause trouble   STOP being like that! Come c what I have that's all u want, I don't have any but 3 for myself fri I will b good wait till then PLEASE. Your friend mh OK

Meg can't even return my nite nite but u aren't y is this  your niceness I will remember how nice you have been to me. Always  tell me tales to dump me it seems . Friend pc

U didn't read my em about Zan so forget it tried not nice to me

U made it that way nice to you u r just a one sided  person so receive it tried to give u a Zan but u get mad at me again!

Today awnser or Iam done with u ask a question then I awnser and u don't to me


R u comin over now coffee made nice if u r

Where did u go last nite u never replyed to me.  All that does is upsetting

Y u can't be honest even to you! Its a shame u can't b an adult . Try am nice

Wish u cared for me I think you want me to leave you alone it's all about nice I've tried in every way to please you but it's never enough why meg can't we care for each other and b happy luv u mucho mhxo

Really not goin to awnser me? Thanks pal

No bites z to bed? Last em no bites? More fun

U refuse to be my friend I've tried to .....

Never ask for it again Out all nite Nice   R u coming to talk peachs   Saw NIG deliverb5   If u were there u wood awnser to nice so I no where u r prove me wrong!  Sister rite   Hope u have the spunk to tell me why u r not home saw the mouse waiting for you to come b5 again Iam not blind or stupid dissent want to accuse you but you did it by yourself you have lost a good friend , never wanted this you did  by telling me u r at home I no better y lie to a friend? Talk it out if u want me to be nice ever again!   Where r u   6:00 now awnser me to wen r u coming back I will probably go out if u don't reply I was goin to b nice but no reply eme soon!!!   wen r u coming back let me no   Tell me if and when u r comin back   I told 2zanybirds   Don't need two?xz   Z   Xs   Well awnser my question where r you?   Y don't u reply to my question busy?   R u going to awnser me or not ? I keep and u don't reply to me ???   No reply again why why   U don't reply y not?   Wher did u go ? Said u weren't leavin why   I'd like to be y r your blinds open I came over u didn't awnser my em about nicer Saturday lmk pc m h   Come over nice nice now   Come and get it!!!!   Don't no how to play DVD s on this thing guess u r not coming guess u will in the a m I'll b a nice guy as always!!! Eme pl pc   Meg r u going to awnser me ? I need to no if u r comin    don't u want ?   U forgot something I had for you , u can get it am if you want to Sorry  meg I didn't want to argue sorry if it seemed that way make it up to you promise ! If you eme when you can ???? Please hi 5   Ps my neighbor saw where u went thanks which neighbor u ask meg u em would have done better to stay.just b friends !!! Eme please.   U can't come over at ten because u r out doin   Trying to help you is a problem see u r out doin shit. Now im not stupid you would have eme. Me sorry u don't need a true friend wont bother u anymore. Iam   Givin for sure SORRY ABOUT the problem u don't want my help??   U need a nerve pill   COME OVER HERE   Don't b I will b back if u eme  and tell me u want me to come home I will but u have to calm down and lets b friends like ortez is your new friend !! So want me I'll come back early if not Iam sorry . Your friend pc   Dammit awnser or I'll just not b a friend Iam trying very hard to b a FRIEND so u b one also ok?   I am goin home soon I can't handle my thoughts there killin me . Dunno what to do scared of what will happen to me because I care for you and I feel hopeless I know u don't care about whats in my head. Don't want trouble in my life its killin me! Confused badley  want my friend back !!! I want this feeling to go away.    remember this name Daniel Joseph palmero he's the supplier for you and has for some time. Tell your sons to come talk to me first they   Meg come lets try to fix this   Meg why don't u come over and talk to me. I don't no y u are mad at me? I didn't say you did anything. Talking might help and I can talk to my dad ' nothing ventured nothing gained! Don't be hardheaded ! And bring my shirt please? Just come to talk and some coffee   Y are u squirming so much? That's a sign of guilt it's obvious !!! Stop   Why don't u awnser me ? All I want is this bs to be over with! Please respond to my plea I don't want this treatment for something I didn't ask for please meg get real . Talk to me like a friend ok ??   I guess u don't want my friendship ? I didn't ever want to LOOSE that? I wish I could change the damage I can only try to wright the wrongs at least Iam tryin how about you my friend ? Get in touch LETS TALK like adults ??? Please meg  have a heart !! ?? I mean  ur ok Iam ok!! W   Hey where r u ? Don't u want money my dad wants to talk to you important!! Asap   Hey I didn't blame u he did ???   FROM ME TO WALTER-It's too bad your father taught you to be just like him. I'm waiting for the police and when they get here, I'm telling them what you did to me and showing them the bruises you left. My father is dealing with this situation.   U took my hemostats   I did nothing to u u r a nut drug addict wait till they see your hips thighs I have nothing to do with your scams go blame Daniel j pelomero  u did this not me   Meg I didn't say you did anything!!! I still want to be a friend!! I never wanted any of this to happen, all I tried to do was let u take care of mom thank you v m. And to help u make a few bucks to help u out . So sorry this happened not my fault!!! Eme if u wish just want to be friends?   If u want me to help u. U should b open to my help not hanging up! On me cool off get back w me??ok   I did nothing to u somebody always is the guilty party because u never tell the truth. Your dad needs to see thru your smoke screen.that sheriff told me u had psy  issues he met u at   tnc hosp so u blew our friendship I didn't say u did anything.I always cared for u but this wasn't of my doing. Sorry u think I did   Ok no one accused u of anything! nice just come back nice!!! Promise   It's 420 u em me at 345 what is taking so long   D u want me to roll one?   Y were u up at 5 in am?   Look out the back police got u staked out honest    I know who is there. I saw him you sitting there. Never again bother me   Proof u r gone   I'll give 4 if u come over and stay a while ok pc honest   Come on meg   Come on over it's all good!! Promise pc   Come back nice   If u don't come back never again   Meg come back   LAST TIME   R u coming back over or not?   U shudder awnser your ems   I came over window to seeif UR homebNice ur gonr tks   Not goin to awnser me or have u left the apt ?? Eme back??   Still want a z to sleep???eme back pc   Iam going to start calling!!!!   U must think I b stupidity Iam leaving fuck it no mo   Look I said come now or no mo nothin tired of the story's I mean it beware   I gave u every bit of time to come here and u r still there guess u don't believe me don't bet against me   REPLY leavin in 10 mins and it's finished   Come tell me another fairy tale Iam ready to hear a good one how about the big bad wolf ? Came and blew my boy away   Y did u do this? Doesn't make good sense to burn your bridges let me no or call me Iam on s side u were coming with? Eme pl

Don't make me do stupid things as Iam ready to  Do w

Now I've got it that person is over there and so am I waiting for him to come outof youre door

U r not at home!!!by the em

U better eme soon or that's it for you !!

Whats goin on someone's over there Iam comin over there!!!


Y don't u reply to me?

Burn one ???

Iam unhappy!!!!!!

C u don't reply ok I won't either so figure it out Iam tired of this ! I don't even deserve an awnser  so don't ask !! Really tired 

Meg if u don't respond to me no mr nice promise!!!u should reply

Looks like no mor nice guy thanks to

When r u comin over here?!????pc
  Meg its 7:00 just finished laundry, boy u were gone a long time, r u comin here

Nice to u! Respond pl pc   I still will always be nice, gotta get rite think it's my problem it will be ok, get my pills at w mart in the am . Come for coffee in the am I'll b nice u know that. I say things and they come out the wrong way , sorry I'll work on my script. Hope for some good movies in the mail . Thurs lol pc

Out all nite!
Where r u thought u were coming by in the am nice guess not!   When u can b nice come see me change your bad attitude towards me I be done nothing bad to u  w   No need to come over u newer responded  or awnsered my questions   I wish u would awnser what time r u comin over? R u up to my wishes? I need to know times ect.???pc   Vomiting now help

      OK, I'm getting bored with this for now. I'm nowhere near done and so far I've gone through 600 emails from Walter. I'm trying to get to the ones where he starts threatening suicide if I don't come over.   Back soon!


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