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Monday, June 24, 2013

Good morning!!!

It's still dark outside but that's my favorite time of the day so I like it. Most people here seem to avoid the rising sun but as soon as it peeks over the eastern horizon, I'll see it. There are a few people out this morning but they're the ones who look messed up during the day. They must crash early from whatever drugs they do, otherwise they wouldn't be out here. Actually, I'm pretty sure that what I see is a heroin high, but that's just my guess. I'm not the type of person people mention drugs to, they seem to think I'm a narc. I don't know why, I'm not a narc and I never see anyone actually doing anything illegal. But, I am a nurse and I see the effects.

Actually, maybe I am a narc. If you knock me around a bit, keep me from leaving your place and  then tell your lawyer that I smoke weed (especially after you're the idiot who gave it to me) I might consider narcing your ass out. Otherwise, my mouth is closed. One would think it would be very easy to keep my mouth shut by keeping their own mouth shut. I don't get Walter...he gets a perfectly good woman and abuses her, buys decent weed and then drops a dime on the people he smoked his own shit with and commits insurance fraud in front of a woman and then think he's going to get away with it by ratting me out for smoking his stupid weed. That would be easy, if one of us is not Walter Lundy of Tampa Florida, weed buyer, smoker and give awayer. I don't get it at all. Usually someone cool enough to smoke weed is smart enough to remain cool about it and shut the hell up. Walter is quite the enigma, isn't he?

I have to take a walk so that hopefully, I'll be the first person in line at Homeless Recovery. I let you know how that works out when I get back.


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