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Sunday, June 23, 2013

This is the old orphanage...

...that I'm staying at for now. To answer a question, the rent in the bunk room that I'm staying in is $333 a month. A private room would be more, and even more for a private room with a private bathroom. The room I'm in has 4 bunks for 4 women but ever since my roommate robbed me and I called the cops on her, I've been alone in this room and as a bunk room, it does have a private bathroom. Regardless, I wouldn't pay extra for a private room because that's a luxury I simply can't afford. This is the link to their website:


It's basically a flop house, no matter what the name of it is. The only Good Samaritans around here are the very nice people who come here occasionally to cook a meal and serve it to the people who live here. It's very sweet of these people, they don't have to show up at all. Yesterday people came by and passed out lunch's to anyone who wanted one. It was a bologna sandwich with tomatoes on the side as well as pork and beans and potato chips. They also gave out bags of fruit. I could only eat the banana and that hurt too but it was better than the Ensure that I usually have. I took a sandwich but I can't open my mouth wide enough to get a decent bite of it so I stuck it in the fridge in my room.

The building is a neat old building, I love wandering through it because it's just so cool. I wouldn't do it at night...it's also a scary old place. But the decor in some of the original bathrooms is done in art deco. I'll see if I can get someone with an I-phone to take some pictures for you. This place is on the National Registry of Historic buildings. OK, I think my laundry is finished so I need to go get it before it gets cold and wrinkled. Be back soon!

OK, I just got finished putting my clothes away. I wanted to mention that the only reason I thought Walter would pay the rent is because he promised to and because he has come here and spoken to enough people that it would be easy to prove he came here after the judge told him not to. If he had a decent reason like he came by to pay the rent, it would look better for him than he simply was looking for me.


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