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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Saturday morning in the lobby

I'm in the lobby because I can't get decent internet reception in my room. At the Hilton, I don't mind sitting in the lobby using the computer. But this, my friends, is not the Hilton.

The lobby is the only place in the building that has a strong enough connection to be able to use my lap-top. But, the lobby is also where all of my flop-house mates with nothing to do hang out. Right now there is a man trying to check in but the security guard (a guy with a black t-shirt that says Security) is yelling to the clerk that he can't rent a room to the guy because the guy owes the owner money. They are yelling at each other and I would ask Security for help but he's the one instigating the entire mess.

Now a lady is standing 4 feet away from me telling us that Jesus loves us and that all people have tough times and that the Bible says so. The Bible also says that our personal decision to lead a life of sin is what put us in this situation. Now I've stopped listening to her but she is still shouting her message. I am typing during her prayer. I guess I'm going to hell but I just can't believe that a God would put me here for any other reason than I HAVE to get away from a man who abuses me. I could be in a much better place with food and the clothes I left behind. But I CHOSE to come here so that I can figure out a more permanent solution to this temporary problem. If there's a God who does this do punish people, God help us all.

The other day I went to the Animal Coalition of Tampa and they gave me 3 bags of cat food and two 20 dollar coupons for Purina cat food. I had been spending my own money but I REALLY REALLY can't afford to do it anymore. That's why I went to the ACOT. The property this place is on has a huge clowder of ferrel cats and I've been feeding them everyday. I can't believe how many there are. They're all skinny and starving. You can tell that they came from a beautiful domestic cat, most of them are calico's. Anyway, I used the coupon to get a huge bag of kibble without thinking that I'd have to drag that bag all over the place making my rounds to feed the cats. It's not as though I have bowls and they sure don't have their own so I just pour a line of food long enough for the cats in the area. There are cats in the front, cats in the back of the building and then more in the back of the property. I dragged that stupid bag all over so I guess I've had my workout for the day. Next time I'm buying smaller bags.

The church lady and her people brought food so there's a long line of people in front of me waiting for a meal. The guy who couldn't check in was allowed to get food so he's in the line too. For some reason the security dude is still arguing with him over who painted this building in 1989. They're wagering $50 on the correct answer.

OK...I give. It's too loud in here now so I think I'll take a walk for a while. How nice to have the freedom to be able to walk away from an annoying situation! Praise the Lord!!!


Blogger q1605 said...

At least in jail you can get some peace and quiet

June 01, 2013  
Blogger q1605 said...

Clowder? I looked it up and I am taking it home with me.

June 02, 2013  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

A clowder is, for those who don't know, a group of cats. I actually though about jail being better than Walter's place. It would most certainly be. This place isn't much better than a jail. This morning I have had peace and quiet for the first time in two years, I think the message has gotten across.

June 02, 2013  
Blogger q1605 said...

Believe it or not jail can be a tranquil place. Some of these guys LIVE there and don't take kindly to a bunch of uproar 24/7

June 02, 2013  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

I just can't think of a crime I'd like to commit. With my luck, I'd rob a bank, get away with it, keep the cash for a while and then when I went to spend it I'd get busted. As I write this I'm thinking I can only benefit from a life of crime.


June 03, 2013  

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