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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

OK...maybe this will work:):):)

Before I forget, I need to say that there are two things I came here to analyze. One is the ability to like one's self and the satisfaction of being liked. The other is an interesting question I was asked recently, how does one break up with a guy? Now, barring some unforeseen Internet mishap, I shouldn't forget those two things. I lose so many great thoughts on my way to immortalize them that I could have written a new bible with everything I've forgotten. Oh well, maybe I should act like I'm important and get one of those things that you talk into and it remembers everything you say so that you can replay it later.

I had one once but I lost it. Well, I didn't actually lose it, I left it in a car. That's a very simple way to honestly tell you what happened to my recorder thingie. The entire truth is a WHOLE lot more embarrassing.

I had just finished a day of shooting on the movie Get Low with Sissy Spacek, Gerald MacCraney, Bill Murray and last but not least, the most talented and gracious man I've ever worked with, Robert Duvall. There are only so many really good crew people in the Atlanta area so you pretty much run into the same people a lot. I met an assistant director named Bob and we had spent a few moments on set flirting with each other during a few different movies. It was nothing tacky or serious, just one of those spontaneous relationships that like-witted people can strike up. We worked on quite a few movies together and when we did, we saw each other daily. One day he had offered me a ride home and I really needed one so I said yes. I never once thought about the mini-tapey thing in my purse. It was full of me and my granddaughter chatting and I don't even know why it was there to begin with.

At one point during the ride home, I accidentally spilt my purse on the floorboard in front of me. I put everything back and never thought about it again. That is of course, until I eventually went to get the min-tapey thing. It was gone. It took me a while, but eventually I remembered the ride home and realized, to my utter horror, that I had left the stupid thing in that guy's car. And...the only place it could have been was under the passenger seat. It occurred to me that when he did finally find it, he would think that I was trying to record his ass. Not a good thing in the movie business.

Shortly after that I left for Los Angeles and never saw him again. And with any luck at all, I never will.

Now that I've done that, I'm not in the mood to finish the things I came here for...but I will. Most likely at 4:20.


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