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Monday, May 12, 2014

They say the Irish are...

...impervious to psycho analysis and I believe it. How can you be psycho analyzed when you weren't raised to discuss a dang 'ol thing? Any discussion I would like to have with my father somehow NEVER happens. I can't give a reason, I just haven't ben able to get a break in a discussion since March.

His peeve du jour was the fact that he asked me "two times" to vacuum the living room. First of all, he only asked me once and I vacuumed that day. Twice. He hadn't said, "The living room looks nice!" so I did it AGAIN. I wanted to perfect the work I had messed up by walking through the living room out to the balcony to water flowers. I'll Take some pictures for you. Anyway, during both vacuuming episodes that day, my father was out of the house so he never saw me do it.

Anyway, my father said that the vacuum cleaner in his bedroom hadn't been touched since he asked me to vacuum. The thing is, we have two.

I'm 15 years old again.


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