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Thursday, June 29, 2006


...I had a bit of fun last night. I love a practical joke and seeing someone shocked by something that I knew was coming.

My married friend used to work with my girl friend's son-in-law. My girlfriend lives in the apartment that used to be her daughter's basement.

She has her own phone line which is in her son-in-law's name. I told her to call me on "John's" cell phone between 8 and 8:30. I knew that by then we would have been sitting down for a while at the place that I had him take me to. I had him take me to the place that I had dates take me when I wanted to lose them. You may remember it, I've mentioned it before.

When we got there, I mentioned that a girlfriend of mine and her husband would be stopping by to say hello to us. He didn't mind.

While we were sitting there talking, his phone rang. I didn't tell him that I gave them his number. When he looked at his phone, he saw the name of a man that he used to work with. As I spoke on the phone to my friend (who had no idea why I told her to call, I just told her that I was playing a trick on someone and to go along with whatever I said.), I watched the nervous look in his eyes. John didn't say a word for a while. A couple of minutes later, he asked me what my friend did for a living. I said, "She's a housewife."

Then, he asked me what her husband did. I said, "Oh, he's an attorney."

He became very uncomfortable and said that he felt sick. I was sure that he did. He was trying to get us out of that place before my friends got there. Now, they weren't really coming, but he didn't know that. He kept trying to leave and I said, "They're not too far and Chasey has a surprise... she said that she wanted to introduce me to someone."

"Who?!" he asked me nervously. I responded, "I don't know, I was just talking to her and she jumped up and told me to wait just a minute. She ran upstairs and then came back down to ask what you and I were doing tonight. Then, she asked if she could stop by to say hello with a surprise."

"Did you tell her my name?"


"Uh-oh, we have to leave now. Let's get out of here and I'll tell you why."

"Nope, you tell me why and then we'll leave."

He realized that he had to tell me that he was married and as he started to tell me, I couldn't hold back my laughter so he sort of knew something was up. He asked me if I already knew and I said "Yeah, do you think I'm that stupid?"

He didn't know quite what to say and he didn't know if my friend's were coming or not and he didn't know what the surprise was. I told him. I said, "Chasey called your wife and they're on their way here."

He jumped up and said, "If you want a ride home, you better come with me now."

I said, "Nope, I'll get a ride, you better run."

Then, I played pool for a while and finally got a ride home. I can't possibly write down what happened and have it come out as funny as it was in real life, but it was pretty funny. I wish that I had a video camera set up on his face, but I didn't. I just sent him off into the night letting him believe that his wife was aware of his behavior and on her way to catch him. He wasn't too sure how much I knew about the whole set up but he was sure that, one way or another, his wife knew everything. I would have loved to have been to see the look on his face when he went home. I doubt that I'll be hearing from him again.

I ended up having a nice time and I ran into a few friends that I haven't seen in a long time.

OK, it's hot in here so I'm going to take a shower and get dressed, suck coffee and come back to tell you something else.

Be back in a little bit.



Anonymous Kyle said...

Well planned & executed, a true gem. Good work!

June 29, 2006  
Blogger Meg said...

I must say, I enjoyed it. When my very first husband cheated on me, the girl called me as he was on his way over to her house. I found her number in his pants pocket and called her to tell her that he was married. She didn't believe it at first. then, she asked her mother to check his personnel file. They all worked at the same place, Sonoma State Hospital. The girl's name was Gina.

After her mother looked in his personnel file and saw that he was married, she called me. I told her that he was on his way over and to wait until she got in his car and open the glove compartment. I told her that his wedding ring was in the back, left hand corner and she went it there and found it. then, she asked him to open the trunk. I had told her that the baby's car seat was in the trunk, along with some of my library books. He refused to open the trunk, choosing instead to drive away. she called me and told me all about it. We got quite a laugh over that one.

He came home two hours later saying that he had been at Jack-in-the-Box. He denied knowing any girl named Gina and said that he was in a long line getting Jack-in-the-Box food. Some men NEVER admit to anything...ever. My second husband did, but I learned that whatever he admitted to, the truth was much, much worse.

I always wished that I could have seen the look on my husband's face when Gina took his wedding ring out of the glove compartment. I think I saw that look last night, only on the face of another woman's husband.


June 29, 2006  

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