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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Greetings and Salutations!

It is Sunday evening around 7:30 and I am pretty bored after having spent the entire weekend alone in my hospital room. I did enjoy the oppurtunity to relax, nap on and off, and have people wait on me. That was fun for about 7 minutes.

The neurologist have asked the neorosurgeons to offer an opinion. So, I am waiting for one of them. The neorologist come in quite early in the morning. Early enough to wake me up, confuse me and walk out of the room mumbling some lie about returning later...but he never does.

The simptoms that I am experiencing now are pretty much headaches, visual disturbances and the entire inside of my mouth is numb. I always have the dumbest diseases with the dumbest symptoms in the world. The trygeminal neuralgia was hideus jaw pain with no warning and seemingly no reason.

The nurses are changing shifts right now and my night nurse has just walked in. I have a few questions for her. (the nurse left the room to come back to me in a moment)

Quickly the things I am concerned about right now are; Are they going to do surgery, Is that why they have called the neirosurgeon in?, Are any of these symptoms permanent?, Basicly I just want know if this can be fixed and if it can, what do I need to do to fix it? I just want to know exactly what it is, what they are going to do about it?, what I can do to help fix it quicker and how soon can I have my normal life back?

Well I just I should go before she gets back.

This is Margarets daughter, I'll be updating the blog and checking the messages for her.

Thank your prayers, it means a lot to me.


Blogger Donna said...

Well, this is a fine to-do. I leave town for 2 weeks and come back to this. Can't leave you alone for a minute, huh?

It's like hitting a wall at 70 mph. I am not a religious person, but will be praying for you. You are such a bright spot for so many people, and all of us can't wait for you to be cuddled up in your beautiful new bed with Spiderman in the next room, and your animals crowding you out.

Keep good thoughts and be home soon.

July 29, 2007  
Blogger SolarisGal said...

Meg -
You're a fighter and we'll always support you! And this trial in your life is no different... you'll be blogging about this bitch sooner than later.

I'm still thinking of you - sending positive prayers and thoughts to you and your family.

Don't think for a second that because we are not physically by your side that we are not with you. Jaded, MyLife, Karin, AnneArky, KarmaWendy, Eliza, KissmeKate, Lara (hey, you can't complain - you got yourself an international team here with 'em zany girls downunder lol) yep - cheering you on with the rest of us blog nuts.

Seriously, we care about you and we want to see you get better.

Luv ya, galpal - always and forever.

July 29, 2007  
Blogger Sunshine said...

Dear Margaret, thank you for keeping us posted during what must be a very difficult time for you.
Meg ,I pray that God will place his hand of blessing upon your head, and that through his grace you will recieve his healing power. That he will give wisdom to the medical team looking after you, that they will know how to treat you and that no mistakes will be made.
That you and your family would feel His peace within.

July 30, 2007  

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