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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My bed is here...

...but my phone is out. I couldn't get a dial tone so I started trying to figure out what the problem was. I called from my cell and got a busy signal. Not one phone in the house worked. I thought that maybe I screwed it up moving things around in my room but my son went outside and saw the phone line lying in the street. So...I had to call the phone company.

That's never fun. I called and went through the phone maze and I finally got the service department who told me that they couldn't get to it until tomorrow. I told her that I wanted to them to pro-rate my bill and deduct a day's worth of service from my bill. Naturally, that was a different department so I had to wait AGAIN to get to the billing people.

After listening to a few phone company commercials and some elevator music, I finally got a human. I explained the problem and asked her to deduct two days worth of service since they didn't know when they'd be out to fix it tomorrow. She said that she couldn't do that until they actually fixed the problem because they didn't know how long it would be out. That made sense so I tried to hang up. BUT...you can't hang up from the phone company until they try to sell you something else.

How stupid is that? I call to bitch about the service and they try to sell me more. I had already told her that I was trying to get ready to leave my house and that I was in a hurry but that did not dissuade her in the least. She tried again. I just hung up on her annoying self.

Tell me something...why does the phone company always ask you for your phone number? Don't they have caller ID?

The only reason that I even have time to write this is because Limerick Gal is running late herself which is fine because with all the phone company BS...I was a bit late as well. She's on her way now so I'll be leaving soon. With any luck at all...we'll take some pictures of us and I'll post them when I get back.

I'm very happy with my new bed...VERY HAPPY!

But...I need new bed clothes for it. I don't have a bed skirt that matches anything else that fits the bed. I bought a pretty set of sheets for the new bed but when I went to put it on the new bed, it barely fit. No wonder it was such a good deal...it shrunk like a mother fucker. I did get it on the bed...but it wasn't easy and I'm afraid it might pop off in the middle of the night. Oh well, that's OK...it might fit the full bed in the kids room and it certainly will match it...both rooms have a LOT of pink and the sheet set is pink with maroon butterflies and my granddaughter LOVES butterflies.

OH! As my son and the truck driver were bringing the bed in, the mailman came. We were all outside when he stuck the mail in the mailbox. When I went to get the mail, there was one of those slips of paper that said, "Sorry we missed you! We'll try again later."

My son got one of those last week and we couldn't figure out how we missed him...the doorbell didn't ring and the dog didn't bark. But I just figured the dog must have been sleeping and maybe I was in the shower or something. I didn't think much of it and just let it go. But now I see what happened...he never tried to knock on the door. I can't believe he did that with 3 people watching him deliver the mail. Whenever my phone starts working...I'm gonna call and bitch as as well as I can possibly bitch...and I can bitch quite well.

I've moved some of the furniture in my room around to accommodate my new bed but I still have a bit more to move about. As soon as I do...I'll show you all my new room. I'm so excited about it all...I'm almost completely done with that room and then I'll finish the kid's room. My next major purchase will be a full/twin bunk bed for that room. I can't get one now because I haven't been able to work for so long. But...hopefully it won't be long.

OK...Limerick Gal should be here any minute so I'm gonna go now. Have a great evening and I'll pop back in when I get home...hopefully with pics of Limerick and myself!!!

See ya!



Blogger Sous Gal said...

Congratulations on the new bed and all the fun in your life :) Great to see you up and around and posting a lot :)

August 08, 2007  
Blogger Lara Croft said...

Well Megs since I work for a telephone call center maybe I can answer that privacy issue. If my customer enters their phone into the system it will populate on our screens, however my company requires four forms of ID, the phone no is one, the address is two, their name or account holders name is 3, and thier date of birth is the fourth form. If I fail to do the four forms of ID then my call is downgraded and my stats I need to reach are not reached and before you know it we are out the door. Trust me the person you spoke to is only doing what they are told to do by the company. We dont want to spoil your day lol

August 09, 2007  
Blogger Meg said...


I knew she was only doing her job and to tell you the truth...I was just kidding about the phone number thing. I was calling from my cell phone so she couldn't have known my number.

But I must say...SOMEBODY makes those stupid decisions...like the one I DID bitch about...trying to sell service to those who've called to bitch about the service they already have.

And unfortunately...the only people that we CAN complain to are the poor people who answer the phones.

I should add that I am reasonable. I always begin my tirade with, "I know it's not your fault...but you're the one who's on the phone so you're all I have....BITCH, GRIPE, WHINE...etc., etc., etc..


August 09, 2007  
Blogger SolarisGal said...

Sous Gal -
Who are you? Your profile sounds strangely similar to mine... I'm very curious.

August 09, 2007  

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