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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hello there!!!

Earlier today I said that I was going to leave the kitchen mess alone and let my sister clean it up when she crawled out of bed. I didn't realize that she wasn't in her bed. She didn't come home until later in the afternoon so I had to do it my damn self.

I waited a while before it occurred to me that she wasn't in her room. When I figured it out, I started cleaning up myself and I sort of got into it. I pretty much cleaned all day...stopping only to go shopping for stupid stuff like Febreeze. I still need to go get a new mic for this thing, but it's no longer imperative because my son hooked his daughter's toy mic up to the computer. It's a toy...but it works. I guess I should put it to use soon. I will, I promise. Even if I have to mask myself with one of those wild "avatars" or whatever they're called.

I bought a few new fish today, mainly because I needed an algae eater and a friend for the one lonely dude in the freshwater aquarium. Tomorrow I'm going to get my first fish for my salt water tank. I thought that the rocks would grow more but it looks like I have to have a fish in there to shit out something to feed the rocks. I don't know what the heck's supposed to happen, I just know I need to go back to the pet store.

I took Payton with me because I usually take him wherever I go and when I know I'm going to the pet store, I take his leash because they let you bring your leashed dog into the store.

Payton came across another leashed dog...one of those tiny rat dogs. But they liked each other. I think they did, they took turns smelling asses and I think that's a good thing in dog society.

Damn...this stupid chair that I'm sitting on has been dropping lately and it is absolutely dropping with more frequency as time goes by. Now my nose is about 6 inches from the keyboard and I'm desperately trying not to hit my face as I type furiously.

I'm a damned good hunter and pecker. I never learned how to type properly so I just hunted and pecked for years and years until I got really good at that. The photographer dude that came over with the reporter lady has some shots of my typing improperly. That should be interesting to watch. People who don't know me will wonder why I'm typing so damned wrong! Oh well, it's too late to change anything now.

Tonight I blew my early to bed streak. Cleaning, shopping and cooking has seen to it that I didn't get to bed early. But, I do want to wake up early as my goal is to leave for Florida tomorrow, that is if I can find a rental car. Anyway, I should go and pretend that it's bedtime.

Good night!



Blogger Eliza Doolittle said...

So you've gone for salt, and you've got live rock. Coral? Mushrooms? Plants?

We have a salt aquarium too - the man has had one since birth, I think

February 28, 2008  
Blogger Meg said...

Really? Could you post some pics of it? Mine only has the live sand and live rocks. I wanted to get it to the point where I could put fish in it and I thought that would have happened a long time ago. Now I think I should just go ahead and get one of the blue starter fish. Eliza, could you ask the man if I'm right...do I need to get the blue fish in to ready the water for more growth from the rocks and sand?

I'm baffled.


February 28, 2008  
Blogger Eliza Doolittle said...

Yes, Yes, I will.

We have mushrooms, purple zinnia, some corals, some polyps (of course, I'm not sure of the spelling) a six line wrasse, a cleaner wrasse, a royal gromma, a clown, two snails, a sally lightfoot, and a feather duster.

Have you gone to cappucino bay yet? It's in...East Lake shopping Center on Roswell Road (across from the Kroger)....Roswell Road 120 Roswell Road....that's a good place to go. They have TONS of stuff and corals and plants, etc.

February 28, 2008  

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