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Monday, June 16, 2008

Good morning!

My sister spent the night so that she could do her laundry and now I have to wait for her to get dressed so that I can take her to work. Then, I have to go to City Hall to pick a fight.

My sister was working at a restaurant called Shillings on the Square and the owner fired her for something stupid. Then, another employee from the restaurant told me that all of them have been getting paychecks that were for zero dollars. It seems as though the owner taxes his employees on 20% of their total sales. Every other restaurant charges the servers 8%.

When I called to find out why, the owner, David Reardon, told me that all the other restaurants were doing it wrong. I called so many other restaurants that I lost count and I couldn't find ONE that charged more than 8%. His story was that some IRS guy told him he should do it "right". The money appeared to be going to FICA on the checks. The checks did not have year to date totals and the employees NEVER filled out tax paperwork.

After I called him, he had all of his employees do that and now they're all getting cash on their paychecks. I don't know what this guy was doing, but I have a bunch of zeroed paychecks and other paperwork that shows this guy was lying. So, I have a few errands to run to see how illegal he was being.

Isn't it amazing that someone would steal from their employees that make $2.13 an hour?

I'll be back soon!



Blogger R said...

What a jackass! Don't mind me, I'm just grumpy. Hope you had a better day running corrupt restaurant owners to the ground. =-p

June 16, 2008  
Blogger Meg said...

You don't have to be grumpy to think this guy is a jack ass, he pretty much is one. The more I dig, the more dirt falls into the hole this guy has dug for himself.

June 16, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

]It is you!!!!!!!!!! I was thinking that youre writing sounds familar, nowI'm sure.I love your other stuff to.


June 16, 2008  
Blogger Meg said...

You know, in well over 3 years, you are only the second person to figure it out.


June 16, 2008  

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