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Thursday, June 05, 2008

I didn't get to go...

...to the last shuttle launch because neither I nor my friend who I was going to go with had the spare cash. We just watched it on TV as usual. I also watched the Mars Lander thingie, or whatever you call it, that landed on Mars the other day.

I love space, stars, the moon and the idea that humans will eventually colonize space. It won't happen in my lifetime, but I imagine my kids might get to see a space station on another planet or moon. We already have a lab in space...and who knows what all they're up to? I'm sure we don't hear about half the stuff they do up there.

I was fascinated to see that proof that there is, indeed water on Mars. I couldn't embed this picture but you can check it out yourself:


Cool, huh? Now go show someone at work or send it to a friend. All Americans should see that and take advantage of what it inspires.

Anyway, it's one of those hideous mornings that I had to get up at night. It's almost 6 but it's still as dark as it can be outside. I have to take my kid to work so that I can keep my car. I need to go to the courthouse to file that small claims case.

As I said yesterday, I have a lawsuit and I'm taking it to a judge show. I still haven't seen myself on the Judge Judy show from when I went to see it in October but I keep on looking! Of course then I was just in the audience, I'm sure they tell the litigants when their show will be aired. I hope so anyway. They told us when we'd be able to see ourselves NOT win anything on The Price is Right.

Darn...all three of my mammals are staring at me in an attempt to make me feed them. Not one of them is further away from me than 4 feet. Payton is right behind me:

And here is Stewie, I'll be squirting him with a squirt gun after I take this picture because he isn't supposed to be on the table:

And right to my left is the oldest animal in the house, McFly:

Mc Fly is the Grandfather of the all the animals in this house. He puts up with Stewie and Payton even though he lived here alone for years before he had to deal with the other two. I better go ahead and feed these guys, they DO outnumber me.


OK, the animals are fed...oops, I forgot the fish...BRB again.

NOW they're all fed. Jeez, that took longer than it would have taken to make a human breakfast. I had to make Payton's Kibbles and Bits scramble. Now the fool isn't eating it. Damn.

OK, I woke up early to take my kid to work and when he walked in to let me know he was here and ready to go, he saw me at the computer and got angry. (It doesn't take much for that kid to get angry.) He bitched that I wasn't ready in time, that, "I told you to be ready at 5:30!"

If I had been, I would have been angry because he didn't get here until 6:30. I didn't like the tone in his voice (I am the mother after all!) so I snapped back, "It'll take me one minute to put my shoes on and go."

He went outside so I got my shoes on and went out to take him to work. But, he's punishing me by calling his girlfriend to drive him to work because now he "doesn't want to be in the car with" me. Damn, I don't know how he can be so cruel. I wanted to drive for an hour in rush hour traffic and now I can't do that. I wonder if he'll stay angry long enough to make me NOT drive him home? That'll be 2 hours that I can't drive in rush hour. Crap, my entire day is shot!

Last night I dreamt that Michelle Obama was mad at me. Apparently, she read my blog and wanted to beat me up. But, she wanted to air the fight on CNN so I said, "No, it's ABC or nothing." That's about all I remember from that dream but who knows, more of it could come to me.

I have a slight problem. My son bought me a Christmas present this past Christmas. He knows that I have a lot of backaches so he bought me a small massager. He thinks it's something to use to massage your back. The other day he saw that I hadn't taken it out of the box yet. I had to lie my way out of it saying something like, "Oh! I just now came across it!" I didn't have the heart to tell him that he bought me a vibrator. So, does anyone out there have any advice as to how you handle a situation such as this one?

I'd like to hear from any mother's who received sex toys from their kid...accidentally. I do NOT want to hear from people who wanted sex toys and got them, but rather people who received a sex toy from someone who didn't know it was a sex toy. Even with him being mad at me right now, I don't want to be a smart ass to him...especially not about a vibrator. I need to figure out a tactful way to handle this.

Well, I'm going to get ready to go to the courthouse so that I can get this judge show going.

I'll be back later this morning.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG...the vibrator story is cracking me up!! All I can think is what the sales person who sold it to him thought when he said it was for his mom...lol. Tooo funny!!


June 05, 2008  
Blogger SolarisGal said...

I like everything Space, but I also like STEWIII!!!

HII Stewi!!! Why are you up on that table?? You think you're the king of the house, don't you? Youuu thiink you're the kiing of the hoousse!!
*kiss* tickle *kiss* tickle

June 05, 2008  

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