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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Deep in Brazil, in the Ariti language, spoken by the Kaxiniti they say, "Uzalauáká!" when they greet each other. I don't know how it translates literally, but I bet it's something nice. Most greetings are rather pleasant. You just have to be careful which greeting you use for what people. Some people say "Hi!" differently to a female than a male. To mix those up would be like saying, "Thank you sir!" to a woman.

The other day I said "Thank you ma'am!" to a guy. I covered it up by saying "sir" right way, sort of like this, "Thank you ma'am sir!" It was pretty lame actually.

You wouldn't want to say "Uzalauaka!" to just anyone either. An Italian might think you asked, "Whosa locka car?" and depending on the situation, it could be embarrassing. So, before you go around saying "Uzalauaka!", make sure who you're saying it to. It probably won't come up often, how many Kaxiniti people do you meet in one day? Oh well, just in case! You Boy Scouts would be wise to memorize that word.

It's difficult to remember how to say hello in so many languages, but no more difficult than it is for Hillary to say "Good bye!" to the campaign trail. And she has to be careful HOW she says it.

If she does, indeed, say good bye to the campaign trail soon as expected, we will all watch as a bunch of dark haired men will say to the blonds sitting next to them, "What do you think she meant when she said "Good bye!"?

"Well Bob, I think there was quite a hidden meaning in that good bye. Let's go to our political corespondent, former White House insider, the ever quisling Judas McKillem...."Judas? What do you think of Hillary's use of the word "Good bye"?

"Thanks for that great introduction, "Debawchee. You're right, nothing Hillary says is a coincidence. This was planned in advance. She could just have easily have said, "So long!" as "Good bye." She knew better than to say "Farewell." and it's simply not in her style to say, "See ya later!" I think we can read a lot into Hillary's use of that particular phrase."

"Thank you for your exegesis Judas, always enlightening. This is Debawchee Davis and Bob Slick, saying "Good bye to you!"

"Oh, you are a stitch Dee...Bob Slick saying, that's the way we see it....so long to all of you out in television-land! Stay tuned as Jill O'Smiley asks questions that she won't let anyone answer on, "The O'Smiley Factor!"

Yesterday Bill Clinton was making nice and according to the pundits, he's smoothing the way for Hillary and Obama to play well together. An odd choice for emissary if you think about it. According to Vanity Fair, Bill hasn't "been the same since his open heart surgery". Is that a nice way of saying he has more in common with the late Ronald Reagan than we suspected?

If being a dick is the evidence that Bill is an egg short of an omelet, I submit that nothing has changed. The only difference is that the people who once praised Clinton are now members of the Obama camp and they are pointing out the traits in the former President that the vast right conspiracy was pointing out 10 years ago. Vanity Fair refers to the former President as a "womanizer".

HA! Who needed a Vanity Fair expose to know that Bj Billy was a "womanizer"? Even Hillary knew that and the wife is the LAST one to know. So, Vanity Fair, how is it news that your man Clinton is a womanizing asshole? I believe you berated a lot of conservatives for making the very same point.


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