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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Damn it...

...it's almost 3 and I'm still here. Oh well, someone should be having some fun somewhere sometime. I'll be ready.

I want to go out and play and I want to do it now. So, hurry up player people, come and get me. When I was a kid all I had to do was knock on doors to find playmates. I'd like to do that now but I don't know where the boat/airplace/race car people live. Ya'll just have to make your selves known.

I could do whatever you needed me to do. I could play with kids, cook, bartend or just be sweet. Whatever. You could sort of lease me. If you have some fun toys, I'm ready to share them with you. Don't get freaky, I don't mean sex toys. I wouldn't rule them out off hand but it's not implied in the person lease.

Oh, I could even yell at others for you. I'm good at that. I could dump your current albatross and see to it that they never, ever come back. I'm as good at hostessing as I am at kicking people out. And I enjoy them both equally.

Somebody must need a person, I'm one. And I'm trustworthy. I wouldn't steal anything from you unless you stole something from me first...I'm very fair.

I'm sort of in a hurry so if you could use a person, let me know. I'd like to take care of this today if possible.

I could call one of my regulars but I'm sick of doing the same things over and over again. I would have gotten my own toys but ever since I've moved to Gogia, I've had gall bladder surgery, brain surgery, female surgery, parathyroid cancer with surgery, one brain hemorrhage, one grand mal seizure, a bad back and constant falls due to multiple sclerosis. Not to mention my husband's affair while I had cancer. I'm afraid to stand up for fear of falling down. That's why I want to have some fun. If I'm still here after all that, there must be a reason.

Aren't you curious as to why this crap is happening to me? I'm not a Jack the Ripper or Squeaky Fromme...I'm just a nice lady. And one day soon I'm sure I'll figure out why this shit keeps happening. I've been worrying about this stuff so much that I forgot about enjoying myself. That's a bad thing. So, now I'm going to stop worrying and see if that doesn't change things. Worrying isn't getting me anywhere.

So, I'm back to needing someone to play with. C'mon, someone out there has to have room for another fun buddy. I may or may not collapse again soon but if I do, I'd rather be rock-climbing than sitting at my desk.

I'm waiting!


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