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Friday, June 12, 2009

Good morning!

I finally rented the carpet shampooer thingie and shampooed most of my carpet. Then, I made a mistake by telling a guy that I was busy "sucking carpet" all day. I seem to have an odd way of phrasing things and it can get me in trouble often. But that's OK, I'm used to being in trouble. I didn't finish last night because:

1. I couldn't find a 3 pronged adaptor for my room


2. I put my back out lifting a bag of Kibbles and Bits to put them in the shopping cart.

Then, I had to get the dumb dog food out of the cart, into the car and then into my house. By the time I was done with that I had to go back to the store for motrin. It didn't help at all. Anyway, this morning I have to shampoo my bedroom carpet before I take the carpet sucker back to the store. The rest of the house is done and I'm pleased about that, especially since the belt on my vacuum cleaner was chewed up. See? This is why I need a man. I have a honey-do list longer than my arm but I don't seem to have a honey.

I AM working on one, by the way. He's a doll and I haven't enjoyed a guy as much as I enjoy him in years. We've only been out once but he we got along so well that I felt quite comfortable with him and that's something that I haven't experienced in so long I don't remember the last time that I did.

It's odd, with other guys I figured that feeling would come with time but I never wanted any of them around long enough to feel that way. With this one I felt like that the very first date. I sure hope he doesn't screw me royally although the odds are pretty good that he will. That's OK, I'm still going to hang out with him because he lives right around the corner and there are just too many reasons to keep seeing him. Oh, and he lives in a condo so he doesn't have his own yard and men without their own yards have more time to mow mine.

Well, I have to suck carpet a bit more and go get the tags (that what Southerners call license plates.). I'll be back soon but with any luck at all, I'll see my new guy this evening. Oh, he has to have a name so let's call him Hippy-Dude.



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