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Monday, June 15, 2009

Hi ya'll!!!

I spent the weekend lying on my couch, trying to get the swelling in my knee to go down. Part of the time I was listening to the TV but most of the time I was thinking about my latest flame. I was thinking how nice he was and how much I enjoy kissing him. Then I was trying to remember the last time I felt like this about a guy and I realized it has been a long, long time. I was thinking about how I never expected to feel like this again in my life and how it was such a nice surprise. Then I realized what a jack ass I am.

What kind of moron expects a guy to allow this type of happiness to go on for any length of time? DUH! It isn't allowed and I, of all people, should know that.

When I worked at a drug and alcohol treatment center, I learned about something called "stinking thinking". That's what drunks are guilty of. They keep on repeating the same behavior over and over again expecting something different to happen. But, like a drunk ends up in jail after a drinking binge, I end up hurt after a "guy" binge. I should know better and now I feel like I deserve 40 lashes with a wet noodle. If I had the energy to boil a noodle, I would...but I don't.

Can you believe that I almost fell for that crap? He really is a nice guy and he really is as sexy as hell but I can't assume that a nice and sexy guy will stick around. It'd be different if he were in a wheelchair, it's harder to roll away than it is to walk away. But, alas, he's a strapping, healthy man and he could probably outrun me if I started chasing him.

I don't know which is more shocking...that I still CAN feel like this about someone or that I'm insane enough to go ahead and DO it. Thank GOD I came to my senses. This could have been bad.

Oh well, it's nice to know that I can still feel like that. Not that is does me any good, why the hell would I want to roll those particular dice?


Blogger Susan said...

Hey Meg, I know you. Or I used to, a long time ago. I think so anyhow. I know you from DSM Foxhall or other DSM meetings, but i've since moved from there. Anyhoo, how are ya doing? Take care! ~Susie

June 15, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

they are not all bad my hubbys great.He got to watch the kids while I was sick yesterday and he's not all that great at getting the baby (8 months) to eat. we have been married 9 years and he is wonderful sometimes an ass but who isn't

June 16, 2009  

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