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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Yesterday I sat around feeling weird.

It took me a couple of days to get back to normal after Saturday. I don't know if I'm there yet, I thought I was fine before. I suppose I can clean the house. Oh, and I could post the crap I wrote yesterday:


Today I was nursing a sore body so I was a bit rare but I'm still here. Apparently, seizures are painful for a few days. I can guess why but I had no idea. I don't like seizures. I don't think I want to have any more of them.

I didn't tell you guys that Payton was my hero the other day. He wouldn't leave my side but he had to make noise so he did...and he did it without leaving my side. I had some people in the house but they were in another room with the door shut so Payton stood next to me and took my desk chair in his mouth and banged it against the kitchen table until the other people in the house heard him and came to investigate. What a good dog he is. Now that I know he's a live saving type of dog, I feel much, much better about spending so much time alone.

I don't know what he would have done if those people weren't in the house but I'm sure that he would have figured something out. I just turned around and looked down...he's right next to me. What a sweetie. Oh, here he is:

It's nice to know for sure that your dog is a life-saving type dog. I hope he never ever has to prove it again but this once, I know that my dog is smart enough to bang a chair against the table until someone comes to see what's going on.

There are so many reasons why that dog is my buddy and this is just one more. I've trained him to come to me when I've fallen and let me put my arms around his shoulders and pull so that I can get up. He knows that I'm a fragile little thing.

That's the first time that I've ever been confused. I remember it too. I don't remember the beginning but I do remember enough of it. It was scary to be confused and now that I know what it's like, I can tell you that I am gonna be one nasty old lady. Especially if I'm confused.

The other day when I was confused, I was also scared and I was about ready to hit someone when the people that I knew came into view. For some reason, even though I didn't know who they were, just the fact that they looked familiar made me feel better. I was about ready to hit one of the chicks who had her face in my face. I'm SOOOOO glad I didn't because I don't think I'd be here now if I had. I'd probably be in a locked facility somewhere with an order for restraints if necessary.

I prefer my own place.

But...I do know what it's like to be confused now and it's nowhere near as cool as I thought it'd be. I thought that if you were confused you wouldn't know who you were and your brain would be all messed up. Well, maybe my brain was messed up but I I knew who I was. I just couldn't place me.

It was bizarre, like being me...but being stupid. I felt like myself, but I didn't know who I was. I never gave it any thought because I was too busy trying to figure out who the people in my face were. For a moment, I did consider smacking one of them...it could've gone either way. I'm just glad that I didn't. But being confused is an odd feeling and from now on I shall have more patience with confused people.

It has to suck to be old, confused and with no hope of remembering anyone or anything, anytime soon. Oh yeah...I would've hit someone soon if I didn't come back around when I did.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay Meg, just read your new post so part of my previous question has been answered.

June 02, 2009  
Anonymous K said...

Well, I told you that you had a great dog. I knew it the first time I met him. I just knew he was worth a hundred times more OUT of his cage than in.
Hope things get better for you real soon. Again, that's some dog ya got there.

June 03, 2009  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

He's been out of that cage for years now. He doesn't eat the house and he is a perfect dog so whatever I did, I did it right!

He's a sweetie and he never leaves my side.


June 04, 2009  

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