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Thursday, September 03, 2009

My dog is free...

...and now we can walk in the sunshine again! That means daytime walks to the park, the store, McDonald's and yes...even our daily walks to the neighborhood dog toilet field. And Payton is right here at my feet, exactly where he belongs:

And here he is giving thanks to the doggie gods:

I couldn't be happier because last night it came down to me getting arrested or letting them take Payton. If I could have pulled a dog-sitter out of my ear, I would have let them take me in. But the nice cop (female) calmly told me that they would take my dog for my entire incarceration. Her patience saved the day and kept my dog out of the lock up.

I started to ask questions about what happened, like who got bit, when and where. Did they enter my back yard? She called the dispatcher to find out for me. I had Payton out in the driveway and he was acting like his well behaved self. I explained my situation to her and she was as helpful as she could be. They didn't want to keep him for 10 days...at this point there were only 2 days left on his quarantine.

But when I started asking questions, I found out that they were working on the date that another officer left the first notice on my door. The date of the "alleged bite" was a actually a few days earlier. I'm no Einstein but it seemed to me that MORE than 10 days had elapsed from the "alleged" bite...which I doubt ever happened. There weren't many details in the complaining report but the date was there. The lady cop, after petting my dog a LOT, said, "It's been over ten days, your dog isn't dead so he doesn't have rabies." Then she high fived me and gave me some paperwork related to the original report.

If you want my dog quarantined, I can do it for MORE than 10 days. I'll even stay in quarantine with him. He has one of those puppy RFID things in him and we are ALWAYS together. They can track his sweet butt as well as my stubborn self anywhere we go.

The lesson here is, if you ignore notes on your door for over ten days, the cops can't take the dog...unless of course, it's a dead dog.

There is no way that I could possibly find the words to let you know how much less terrified I am now that I know my dog will NOT be leaving me...nor will I be leaving HIM!

Now...if you'll excuse me, I have to work on my next disaster. See ya!


Anonymous Boracay hotel package said...

Your dog is cute. He looks quite loyal to you. He will probably never leave. No worries...

September 09, 2009  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

Thank you. He IS a doll and I don't want to see what would happen to anyone who tried to come between us.

Actually, I AM curious. Does anyone want to pretend to hurt me so I can see how my 100 pound dog reacts?


September 09, 2009  

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