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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I had the weirdest dreams...

...last night. The first odd one had me in a hotel room with some old guy who I didn't know. Nothing sexual happened although throughout the dream I knew that I was "obligated" to have a bit after I stopped stalling.

The room was the NEATEST room that I had ever stayed in. It actually had an ice cream freezer a la Baskin Robbins. The cones were HUGE so I grabbed one and filled it with the bestest mint chocolate chip ice cream that I have ever had. As I was finishing the cone, my "date" returned from someplace, I didn't know where and I didn't care because I was pigging out on my ice cream cone.

He returned with a giant cone of his own so naturally I asked him where he got that giant cone-o-ice cream. He told me that they were serving it in the hallway so out I went to find my own, second, ice cream cone. According to one of the hotel workers, the ice cream kiosk on my floor was closed for the day. About that time, his boss came by and scolded him for not telling me that I could go to the floor below and get more of that wonderful concoction.

OMG! What a treasure I found! They had so any different kinds of ice cream that I had a hard time deciding which kinds to put in my cone. The cone was huge, bigger than the room cone, so there was plenty of room in it but the options were overwhelming. I had to do what I do at a Chinese buffet, take a little bit of everything. I actually remember some of the ice cream flavors. They had bubble gum, rainbow sherbet, ice cream with Jell-O squares, mint chocolate chip without chips but huge chocolate swirls instead, pralines and pecans (I still don't know what a praline is but damn, they're good.), frozen custard and countless others that I don't remember. Of course, they had whipped cream, toppings and that chocolate stuff that hardens on the cold ice cream. I was in ice cream heaven. I was about to eat my cone-o-plenty when I woke up.

Naturally, as in a sex dream, I was quite disappointed that I wasn't able to finish my glutinous endeavor. But, I did know where there was a huge box-o-mint chocolate ice cream. All I had to do to get it was get out of bed, walk downstairs, go to the kitchen, find the biggest bowl in the house and then get the ice cream out of the freezer. I dished myself out the hugest, behemothic bowl of ice cream that I could manage.

Now, you should know that it was my friend's ice cream. I could have asked her if I could have some but she was sleeping so soundly on the couch that I didn't have the heart to awaken her. Besides, there were 3 half gallons of that stuff and although I took so much that she would surely notice my larceny, it wasn't like I took the last of it. AND...she IS a doll so even if I DID take the last of it, she probably would have forgiven me before the holidays.

The other dreams were stupid so I won't bother with them, but I do wish I could put them on You Tube.

BTW, I never did have to have sex with the guy in my dream which was cool because I didn't want to, not one little bit. I don't even know why I was with him in the first place. Besides, a guy that I really DO like is the one who gave me the key to the room. Using that room to get giggy with another man is MUCH, MUCH worse than eating my friend's ice cream without permission.



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