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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Although I AM opinionated...

...I tend to express those opinions online or in person. My friend, not so much. Her political views can be obtained by perusing her T-shirts, bumper stickers and coffee mugs. This morning I am drinking out of a mug that assures the reader that "There is a woman on the job." so we can all "Relax."

Maybe it's because I actually like my father, brothers and sons...maybe it's because I know capable men and airhead women...maybe it's just because I have a sense of fair play. But I find that to be a totally offensive, albeit politically correct, coffee mug. And now I will be boycotting it. I shall pour my coffee into the equally silly but nowhere near as offensive, "Jesus is your forever friend" mug. (My options here are limited.)

Obviously some people think that the sexist little mug pictured above is cute, fun to drink from or even desirable. To them I ask, which of the following mug captions would be equally cute, fun to drink from or desirable:

1. Relax, there's a Caucasian on the job!

2. Relax, there's not a Mexican working today!

3. Relax, we don't hire old people!

4. Relax, there's a Jew balancing the books!

5. Relax, the woman is off today!

6. Relax, only skinny people work here!

7. Relax, we don't allow liberals in here!

8. Relax, we fired the black guy yesterday!

9. Relax, an Asian is on the job!

10. Relax, I'm out of ideas.


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