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Friday, October 15, 2010

This morning I woke up...

...in my usual lethargic state. I immediately did the toothbrush thing by rote and then continued my robotic movements into the kitchen to make my first cuppa. Before I finished making my caffeine in a warm beverage, I read a note that my friend had written to herself. She creates a To-Do List every evening to let her know what to do when she wakes up. Yeah, typical Type A personality trait, I know. Personally, being the Type B that I am, I pretty much wing it through life. It might not work as well but think of all the time I save not writing lists!

The last item on today's list was to "Go to school to speak to Mr. Verticchio about bully Sierra." I knew what she meant in an instant. Sierra, a hideous creature who loves to abuse those shorter and shyer than herself on a daily basis has been bullying children for years. If you could see her, you would know that her girth alone would intimidate her carefully chosen victims.

The neighborhood children have a brief respite during the summer but as sure as the leaves turn colors in the fall, Sierra begins her reign of terror. Her victims are ALWAYS white (or non-white friends of her victims du jour) so in my opinion, this behavior borders on a kiddie hate crime. At the very least, it adds racism to Sierra's list of terror tactics. That, added to the threats she has made that involving killing and torturing the family dog, makes her an intimidating figure to a short, quiet Asian girl that I know.

Last year she chose a young man as her main target. But he doesn't go to school with her anymore. So, naturally, she has chosen the young man's younger sister so that Sierra can continue abusing the young man by proxy. Verbal abuse being harmful enough, Sierra is now physically assaulting little girls and we will be pressing criminal charges against her today. Without going into details (unless I eventually have to), this has been a problem for years and Mr. Verticchio is, and has been, aware of the conflicts. Unfortunately, Sierra's family refuses to deal with her but that's OK. In her own home she can only hurt the people who live there. In school, she can hurt innocent children entrusted to the school by hopeful and decent parents. That's when Sierra becomes a SCHOOL problem.

Hey Verticchio...PROTECT THOSE KIDS.

Now that Sierra's bullying of little girls has begun again in full racist force, I will be going to Creekside Elementary School in Elgin Illinois today to give Mr. Verticchio one more chance to squelch this situation before some poor kid jumps off a bridge.

Wish me luck.

Postscript Sierra has been suspended...AGAIN!!! What is "stinking thinking"? I believe it is repeating the same actions and expecting different results. Hear that Mr. Verticchio?

Post Postscript It seems as though MANY parents are sick of this kid's bullying. I wonder what concerned parents are capable of when they organize?

Randy Verticchio has allowed a bully back in school after a one day suspension. Not your ordinary run of the mill bully, but a dangerous, violent bully. Call Creekside Elementary in Elgin Illinois and let him know what you think.


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