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Tuesday, October 05, 2010


...I've stared at the Windows Media Center pic-O-psychedelic thingie that they play along with the music. "The music" is an eclectic mix of songs that 70's dude made for me. It contains great songs like LuLu's To Sir With Love and Del Amitri's Roll To Me. Beatles, Loggins and Messina and early BeeGees are peppered amongst the other songs from my youth that I still enjoy listening to.

He even put Sugar, Sugar by the Archies on the disc. That's almost as dangerous for a man as is driving a pink car. But, as 70's Dude would say, "It takes a REAL man to drive a pink car." He said that in front of a car salesman who concurred...but he DOES work on commission. I offered to leave the two of them alone but they didn't take me up on it. To be fair, the pink car was a brand new, tricked out Challenger and the color was, according to the brochure, Furious Fuchsia. Whatever.

The Archies, if you don't know...were a group only seen on Saturday morning commercials. I had the album and the cover only had a group of nondescript teenagers dancing in some nondescript room in a nondescript house. They actually had studio musicians play the songs. It was like Hannah Montana without the irritating father, pasties or Achy Breaky Heart. At the time, you couldn't admit to being an Archies fan but 40 years distance has made it cool, so that song is on the CD. Of course, so is a Carpenter's song...but I can deal with that.

Today I have to go to the dentist. I don't want to, but sooner or later you can't avoid it. I think my last visit convinced the Doc that he needs to give me laughing gas if he wants to accomplish anything. If there's one way to distract me, make me laugh. I can NEVER stop once I get started so that might prove to be a mistake as well...but it must be done. It'll still hurt me, but that will lead to a funny thought and I'll start giggling. This should be fun.

I have to write about that 18 year old who I met on the train coming back from LA. I promised him I would and I shall...after I suck laughing gas.

Ciao for now!


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