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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ron Isakson is at it again...

...tomorrow is a court date where he tries to get his child support decreased because he has no job. The court has ordered that he LOOK for a job and that in itself has annoyed the tar out of him. When the judge ordered that he is to apply for ONE job a day, he actually responded, "NO! The Unemployment Office says I only have to apply for two jobs a week!"

The judge didn't appreciate his stupid comment and reminded him that she was not the Unemployment Office and that she had authority of her own. It should be interesting to see what he brings to court tomorrow. I can't imagine him doing anything once a day that doesn't have to do with pleasuring himself.

In case you've missed this little melodrama, Ron's ex-wife has spent a couple thousand dollars on attorney's fees and much of her time in court just so that her ex can argue that he needs to pay less in child support. Her attorney has told her that the child support may go down, but not very much at all. That would be almost tolerable if she didn't have to pay for the privilege of watching her children's only income go down.

So, while Ron looks for ways to avoid applying for one job a day, the mother of his children looks for ways to feed her kids and keep them clothed. He doesn't seem to worry about housing his kids at all, perhaps because he lives with one of his adult kids to whom he pays nothing. That's why he can't seem to fill out a form asking him here his money goes...he spends it on himself while his oldest daughter supports him.

This disabled woman has worked for years to support her family while she watched Ron watch television. Now that she CAN'T work, he still refuses to do so. She has worked so hard to earn a college degree only to find out that between her open heart surgery and other health issues, she isn't strong enough to work in her chosen profession, the care of those who can't care for themselves. She is broken hearted that she CAN'T work and Ron is acrimonious that he must look for a job. Life just isn't fair at times and in his fight to avoid manual labor, Ron has done everything so far except demand that the mother of his children work even harder than she does to support his kids. I wonder when he asks HER to perform a job search? He's done everything else in his effort to avoid suuporting the children of his loins, he would absolutely be monster enough to do that.

So, on December 1rst, at 9 am CST, think of Mrs. Isakson and her 2 children. That's when her ex will be forcing her to pay more attorney's fees in her fight to keep a few bucks of her ex's unemployment check for her children. And then, on the weekend, think about the creep who sponges off of adult children and the Illinois taxpayers while searching for ways to avoid paying for the upkeep of his young children. This yahoo actually sends his kids home from visitation with comments like this, "Dad said Mom steals 57% of his money!" and "Dad said he can't afford to take us to McDonald's because Mom takes all of his money!" But don't worry about Ron, his oldest daughter supports him and he has enough unemployment left over to smoke at least 2 packs of cigarettes a day.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of "Shilling For 'Clients'/$$$ in Cyberspace" here we go again. I'll make sure to check out that site..........as soon as I remember where I left my pointy tin foil hat.

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