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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It didn't take long...

...for Kelly's sister to read her own words on this blog. The general assumption is that Denise has a drinking problem and by midnight she's usually 3 sheets to the wind so that's when she calls Kelly. She called at 1 AM to deny that she ever said anything negative about Kelly but she must not have understood the ramifications of what I wrote...Kelly has emails from years ago until last month in which Denise clearly sided with Ron over Kelly. It's one thing to remain friends with in laws after a divorce but if the only thing 2 people have in common is a shared disdain for a 3rd party, that is an unforgivable considering the fact that Denise is Kelly's sister, and her ONLY sister at that. (Of course Kelly and I have adopted each other as sisters, we're closer than any sisters out there. After 40 years, I think we qualify.)

A couple of things that weren't in any of the letters were facts such as this, Kelly and Denise used to do day care in their homes. Once a week they would get together and let the kids play in a large group. No one is calling Denise a racist, but the fact is that when Kelly started watching a little black baby, those visits stopped for good.

Secondly, when Kelly and Ron went to China to adopt a little girl, Denise had promised to keep their older son so that they could make the trip. At the last minute, Denise backed out, leaving Kelly to scramble to find another person to keep the boy or give up the chance to adopt the girl. No one knows why but Kelly thinks it is further bigotry on Denise's part. It could be a coincidence that a sisterly relationship stopped when Kelly's home became full of children of varying ethnicities, you make the call. Here is Kelly's response to Denise's denials:

You are lying again. you said you talked to Ron over 2 years ago. If so how do you explain this e-mail YOU wrote in March last year when you were telling me Jason was over medicated on HALDOL> (Kelly is referring to one of the emails a couple of posts down.)
Like I said I love you but your first loyalty is to me and the kids. You just never saw the burn marks and bruises on me and the kids. It took me a long time to decide my marriage was abusive. Pat DID rent that house for me and the kids. He saw Rons drug addiction. It takes one to know one.

You can defend your self about not being friends with Ron back last year but remember "if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck chances are IT IS A DUCK. Also I used to tell you I could not talk to you in front of the kids as they listen to all my calls and EVERY one elses. Ron always left his computer on and Jason had read a lot him self. Once he told me "why don't we see uncle mike and Denise. Is dad being friends with her hurting your feelings".I THOUGHT you enjoyed when I came over with the kids and Charles.Also what do you mean by him getting my shoes, food or what ever.I got his food, drove his kids around, cleaned his skid marks out of his underwear,gave him money for cigs(that he had quit smoking), shopped for mountain do and made shure he had his stadol (his drug ofchoice) picked up in time even if it meant I had to be late volunteering at the food pantry or PADS for the homeless. Then he would say all the bruises were from the homeless men when the failed the breathalyzer along with the burns and had to turn them away. Then I would come home to Ron sleeping on the recliner and Jacob in a wet bed and Ellen wide awake biting on her hand. Once again someone put a dime in me and I tell you it has all to do with your betrayal.

You hurt me a lot and now I wonder why you stopped going to therapy. Or was that a lie too?If not please for the sake of any relationship we may have get a therapy session. asap.Maybe Ron could go with you. love Kelly

Anyone who has read this blog knows that I was abused by my ex. I know what happens to a woman who slowly loses herself in an abusive relationship. Kelly is EXACTLY like I was after my divorce. I got her on anti-depressants and she's in therapy so she WILL find herself again!

By the way, how tough would it be to apologize?


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