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Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm taking a moment away from the betrayal marathon to talk about MEEEE!!! Today I went to the doctor for a follow up visit. It seems as though I came rather close to kicking the bucket and I didn't even know. I knew it was bad but I never realized how close I was to deciding to follow the white light or hang around to haunt my evil ex husband. I'll tell you this, for true, if I were a ghost I would mess with that bastard as a ghost that looks like this:

But, my haunting days will have to wait for now and I just have to be happy that I survived. I don't know all what I told you but I almost bled to death internally. When I came to, there were tubes of strangers' blood flowing into my veins.

I used to donate blood so much that I had 2 "Gallon Club" cards that I was proud of. The fact that I am O negative, which is the universal donor, made it uber-special to me. After I married a putz, too many good things in my life stopped. I won't let that happen again. As soon as the docs give me the OK, I will start donating blood again and I hope you guys do to.

Now that the aneurysm is fixed, I'm going to try to get my entire life back. It won't be the same, but it will be a life...a better life! Being sick sucks and saps the life out of you.

A 30 year old neighbor of mine whom I spoke to often as he walked his dog or pushed his daughter down the sidewalk in her stroller down my street has an aneurysm that he didn't know about. He found out about it when it ruptured unexpectedly and his young wife and his mother are devastated. At this point the prognosis is grim.

I don't know why I was spared when a young father has lost most, if not all of his faculties. His survival isn't even certain. But he has gotten this far with the help of donor blood. Please, go out of your way to give the gift that truly IS the gift of life.

I'll never known whose blood I have pulsing through my veins but I thank everyone who has ever donated blood. Because of all of you, there was enough for me and my neighbor. In this case, it truly is the gift of life that we give when we donate blood.

Well, enough for that...I'm off my soapbox for now. I'll be back later, it's Family Guy night!


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