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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Now Denise and Ron are exchanging emails in which they both assume that they are doctors. The meds that one of the kids was put on is for a disease that he inherited from his father. If Ron had taken them, he wouldn't be such a loser today. Kelly is doing everything she knows to do in order to raise a normal young man. As you read this, remember that these 2 yahoos are kissing each others ass, not discussing reality. Kelly has never kept her kids from their father, she needs the time off.

Yes I still see the kids every other weekend whenever Kelly will let me, she trys to make it as hard on me as she can and thinks of any excuse for me not to take them but most of the time I get to have them. I am living with my daughter Jessie and her husband Jason right now, but we go and stay at Angies whenever I have visitation with the kids cause Jacob and Jessie do not get along.
yes I have been talking to a lady from teh philippines and the kids know her and talk to her on the IM. She is very sweet and kind, I met her on a business trip to her country when I was working for Kinney Electric. I will attach a picture of her so you can know what she looks like and we hope someday to have her come here and we will see what happens. After Kelly I am a lot more cautious about knowing her a lot better before I will even think about something perminate, I have to thank Kelly for that at least as I am not in a hurry to move into anything new when it comes to relationships and I know now that Kelly and i should have dated a lot longer before making the decission to get married.
Yes I have taken off a lot of weight as I was getting to heavy at 245 so I droped down to about 185 and now I feel so much better, I have a lot more energy and don't feel tired all the time like I used to.
I'm glad that you told Mike that we have been talking and would you please extend a big hello to him for me, you have both been good friends to me and I hope that the friendship can continue even though I am sure that Kelly wants you to hate me and would have a cow if she knew that we had been talking again.

GOD Bless You All,

Ron I.

Ron you have rights as father to see your kids. Kelly can't infringe on the court orders.

I have talked to Kelly on the phone once since OCTOBER .With her being in college and her busy life with the kids. Now we only comminicate by email.
Trust me I am fine with that. She rambles on and on and on about NOTHING. Remember the day I asked you ,who put a dime in her? I have written to her about the fact that she never lets me talk. She says that she is a talkitive person and that I should know that about her.Well I am sorry. Conversations should be a two way thing. Is that what you had to live with? If so I am sorry.

When I saw her at Melissa's wedding, I was shocked. She has gained a lot of weight. And her hair. What the hell is she doing? Cutting her own to save a few bucks? I love her she is my sister, but she makes me so angry. She is so self centered. I am not like her or her brother. my parents I am sure are rolling in their graves about the 2 of them.I spend most of my days volunteering to help people. I am not working outside the house, but I keep the house clean and I take care of Mike. I retired from home daycare 2 years ago because the kids finally got to me.

I want to thank you again for taking the pictures of my dollhouse. I have won a bit of $ because of that house. By the way........ Did Jacob ever tell you about the police station I made him a couple of years ago for his birthday?

Why don't Jessie and Jacob get along? He is a kid. She is a adult. What Kelly tells me about Jacob is that he is on a lot of meds for Bi polar and adhd.

I told Mike you said hi. He said hello back and he hopes you are happy finally. SIS

I know you have never abused Kelly. I never could understand why when she told you to do something like get her shoes or get her food or whatever that you would jump and do it. Mike said it was because you loved her. Fine I get that. After many years of marriage, and being tired of what she did to you and the girls hating her, you finally spoke up.You asked for the divorce. That is what she told me. She got the papers that you filed for the divorce.

All that was 2 years ago. Now on to the present time.I care about you and the two kids. Ron don't you have any input into what is happening with the two kids? Are you aware that your son is on meds for the mentally unstable? Look it up HALADOL SIS

Kelly filed for divorce. There are more lies in these emails than there is truth. Alcohol is a crazy drug.


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