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Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Perhaps you've heard that the sense of smell is the sense most closely related to memory. I believe that because of my own life experience. Yesterday I was reminded of how powerful the sense of smell can be when memory is involved.

Last year I had a tooth capped. When I floss, I usually double floss because I love the flow of air between my teeth. I had a hard time getting the floss into either side of that capped tooth so I assumed that the dentist somehow glued all three of them together. Not wanting to return to Adolph the Dentist, I carefully avoided those two gaps when flossing. Yesterday, for no particular reason whatsoever, I single flossed. Somehow, that piece of floss easily entered the spaces I had been avoiding.

When I pulled the floss out of my mouth after flossing the entirety of one side of the cap, I was suddenly taken back to my most recent marriage as I was reminded of the aroma of my ex's breathe. To be sure, I flossed the other side of that tooth and I'll be damned, it was HIM!

So, to my ex, I have this message:

If I want you, and all your charms, all I have to do is floss.
I smell you so that I could die, I smell you so and that is why,
Whenever I smell you, all I ever do is ba-a-a-r-r-f.
Barf, barf, barf,
I bring you to mind, taste your lips of slime,
Anytime, night or day.
Only trouble is, gee whiz,
I'm barfing my life away.


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