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Monday, March 07, 2011

In case you've bored...

...of staring into space, watching paid programming or following Bill Maher's career, the consummate anti-WINNER Charlie Sheen has provided us with yet another platform on which we can follow his psyche tailspin. Help yourself to a perusal of his insanity. Those who can watch the entire vanquishment of Sheen's ability to maintain a lucid moment are the true winners, winning the title of the infamous "I am Crazier than Charlie Sheen" award.

Anne Hathaway and James Franco can thank Charlie, he has truly made their recent nullification of interest seem lucid by comparison. Not only that, his U-Stream group dick sucking display has even surpassed the Academy dick sucking debacle as the show most likely to cause unexplained, undeserved and inappropriate erections. Even his goddesses are confused and jealous.

Of course, they were already confused...jealousy is a new one to them but oddly, they aren't jealous of each other, they are actually jealous of Charlie and his ability to turn himself on.

Of course, they can still count on the fact that even Charlie can't make himself last more than 3 minutes so they seem to be taking the jealousy with a stiff upper lip, stiffness of any sort still alluding Charlie himself.

We, the "audience" can choose between a weekly assault on our senses or a daily affront but sadly, as with Social Security, there remains no "opt out" option.

While watching this Charlie-esque rant, I couldn't last any longer than one of Charlie's romps so I must admit that it might have gotten better, but somehow I doubt it.

Once again, if you have absolutely nothing to do, no wall to wash or studs to pull out of a snow tire, here you go (odd, Charlie takes longer to load a U-Stream than he does to...oh well, you get the picture so I'll simply post the link):


Relative Sanity


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