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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Let's see...

...the Casey Anthony juror du jour has spoken and parroted the words of others. There just wasn't enough evidence to convict the...ugh...woman of murder. If I hear that one more time I'll puke. Apparently, a good disposal plan is all that's required of any murderer, homicidal maniac or chloroform wielding mother with ants in her pants, is a novel approach to body ditching. Running high on the method list today is your local swamp. Many more points are due you if you life in a hot and humid climate (although swamps will be moist just by their very nature.)

My aunt was killed by a family member as well and those are just the dicks that have the time to do crazy stuff to us...like drive our dead bodies around in Florida, in the summer, in a trunk of a car, allowing rapid decomposition to occur, almost a "baking" of the poor kid. Within 31 days she had time to do something with the body but didn't. I'm not sure what that means, but I know what it doesn't mean. It doesn't mean it was an accident. It reeks of something more sinister.

Now, when mixed together, a skeleton and a lazy sheriff can get a case thrown out. But by the time the body was found, the prosecutor in the Anthony case could only prove what DIDN'T happen. No signs of disease or trauma to the remaining bones means that she wasn't sick and she wasn't shot. She didn't appear to have been beaten or stabbed. But that makes sense because they didn't find a gun, bat or knife in the smelly trunk...they found stink and chloroform in the trunk instead. Two things that WOULD be there if the trunk contained a dead body for any length of time.

Someone drove around with a dead body in their trunk. At some point duct tape was most likley placed over her mouth and nose to keep so much smelly stuff from coming out. That means that the killer actually had contact with the body after death. You would wonder how much contact she had, wouldn't you?

What better way to commit a passive murder than to sedate the child to death, Casey had her standards after all. She would never be so cruel as to manually strangle the kid, but she found an out that she could live with...it just took the added assurance that Caylee wouldn't suffer. That made it palatable. The only other option is that she was tossed into the drink alive and was left to drown. Perhaps if the prosecution used that, they wouldn't be where they are now.

So...Caylee wasn't shot, stabbed or strangled. She wasn't drowned, poisoned or injured...she was just plain dead. And, the ONLY person who could have control over Caylee long enough to do all of this stuff is the one person who cares for the child. I would think that only a parent would expect to have the time to wrap up a body.

It couldn't have been the parents...Cindy's original call to 911 is all it took to clear them. Besides, who ever heard of a crazy, homicidal grandmother? I can't think of one grandparent that has ever been accused of killing a kid. They simply don't murder people. IF they were going to kill people, they would probably already be in jail. Also, neither George nor Cindy ever could have assumed that they would have the time to cover up the death of a child. And whoever was responsible for this atrocity certainly spent a lot of time confronted with the reality of death. He or she was just too much of a twit to actually DO anything about it. Oh, you know what? Casey is a twit!

I guess you could take a few things away from this case. The negation of the phrase, "The truth will set you free." is the first one to cross mind. Then I think of pizza ovens. That's because with pizza ovens, you can Caylee Anthony your victim...leave him or her devoid of all identifying markers or potential evidence. It doesn't matter THAT she's dead, the WAY she died is what matters. The really nice thing about pizza ovens is that they replace the need for juries at all. Everyone will know that you can't convict on a Caylee'd victim so they wouldn't even bother.

If I go into the bathroom with a kid and come out alone, wouldn't you want to know where kid went? If you never saw the kid again, it'd be pretty obvious that I did something to the kid. But if the kid and I drive to McDonald's a couple of times, there's reasonable doubt. How silly is that? Jurors are allowed to take that leap to finish the story themselves. Whatever.

You know what? Casey has already made comments about having another baby. I think we should all get together and warn our sons about her. We need to put a clamp down on our genetic legacy and not mingle it with the likes of her. That's a really, really good idea, especially if your sons are within 200 miles of a potential Casey camp.


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