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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Oh, I see...

...men really think crazy stuff turns us on. I've been shaking my head after a guy I went out with last week jumped in a motorized cart when we stopped by the store to pick up citric acid to clean a dishwasher. My "date" drove that sucker around the grocery store like a pro. That's because he is, he does it all the time. As a nurse, I don't get romantic when someone is in a wheelchair, motorized or not. I get that nurse feeling of having a sick person in need of medical care.

I walked into the grocery store and headed straight for the dish soap aisle without being sure that my escort could keep up with me. Of course he could...I wasn't sprinting. Within a minute I turned to check and saw the man straddle a hover-round and then steer right toward me. That was when the potential for romance left, never to return. I knew it then but it was my birthday and we were going out that night. What to do?

I could have read that entire episode wrong. Perhaps the guy was simply trying to "woo" me. I just read about "A Chicago man who was arrested for keeping a four-foot alligator (who) denied Tuesday that he had the reptile as a pet in an attempt to woo women." Oh...OK. So they're just stupid. Maybe this will help:

1. If you fall in love with someone and then they go in a wheelchair, you take care of them. If someone in a wheelchair starts rolling after you, you run away.

2. Alligators do NOT help you get in our pants. They just give us something else to do to AVOID letting you near our pants.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/07/06/illinois-man-busted-with-alligator-denies-it-was-ploy-to-woo-women/#ixzz1RLwOgwDr


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