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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Why Casey got away with murder

1. The prosecutor himself thought the trial was a joke.

2. The defense attorney threw so much crap at the jury that they got confused.

3. The prosecutor threw so many charges at the jury that they got confused.

4. Parents must kill their children in multiples to get convicted of murder.

5. Many jury members had a special relationship with the prosecutor. They've been prosecuted. (The government seems to want to arrest EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN at least once.)

6. We never had a father cry in front of a camera. Where IS Caylee's father?

7. It's been years since a jury has done something hella-stupid, it was just time.

8. The jury wanted to give Casey Anthony another reason to party.

9. The prosecutor acted too much like a prosecutor and the defense attorney acted too much like a defense attorney.

10. This IS Florida, if people can't use a voting machine, how can they figure out the important stuff?

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