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Sunday, June 26, 2011


...it's me. I'm here to report some recent goings on.

I've been lucky enough to have had a few dates with a pretty nice man. There's only one minor problem. His jewelry reminds me of my grandfather's jewelry. You know, those diamond encrusted pinkie rings that stand for something but you never know what. And then, when I look at his hands I think of my grandfather's hands and things go a little goofy in my psyche. I don't care if he is relatively close to my age, he should still at least OWN a strand of pukka shells.

I received an interesting "compliment" from him today. At least I think so.

The guy I'm seeing said, in reference to an ex, "She looks like a grandma."

Well, I AM a grandma. And I said so.

"But, you don't LOOK like a grandma!" he said quickly in an effort to recover from his verbal faus pax. Yeah right.

Actually, whether or not I LOOK like a grandmother isn't the issue. The issue is that when this dude DOES eventually tell tales about me, they'll be about something, just something else.



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