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Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Day at the Beach!

I'm about to leave for the beach and I wanted to stop by and say HI! before I left. With any luck at all, I'll go to my favorite beach around here, Madeira Beach. That's one of the numerous beaches south of Clearwater Beach. Clearwater is a bit closer so if I'm not as lucky, that's where we'll go.

Clearwater is a beautiful beach so I don't mind going there but the beaches south of it have a fraction of the people so that's where I  want to go. If the guy who's taking me is having an "I want her to be happy." sort of day, we'll go where I want to go. He likes the funky beaches north of Clearwater but I don't because those beaches are smaller and covered with seaweed. If he's having a selfish day, that's where we'll be.

OH! He just got here, let me ask...

No...he's a prick sort of mood, we're going to the beach I hate. What a jack ass. I'll be back to say bad shit about him later...I promise...well, God willing I will!


OK...I'm back. I thought about something while I  was roasting...I didn't mean to imply that the dude was being prickish because he  didn't want to go to the beach I wanted to go to, he didn't want to go to the beach I wanted to go to AND he was acting prickishly.

My Irish self is a bit red so I'm going to take some aspirin and lie down...but, as I said before, I'll be back!


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