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Saturday, September 08, 2012


I'm at a better computer (although I certainly appreciate the last one) so I can finally create a new post. So, here we go. I have an interesting, controversial and certainly unpredictable plan. It's something I've considered for a LONG time and I've finally decided that the time is right. I hereby announce that I would like to be a Gypsy.

(I have to qualify something, my father always told me that the word Gypsy had to do with them "gypping" people. It has nothing to do with that, it has to do with a long word that you can look up like I did if you care enough.)

I seen no reason not to be a Gypsy, I like to travel, I like to dance and I've always wanted to learn to play that tambourine. Most important of all, I simply LOVE the clothes!!! I have since the late 60's. I'm so excited about my new plan but as usual, I can't find any Gypsy's. I even looked them up on Google.

Could y'all do me a favor? Check around for Gypsys and see if you can find one who's taking new members.


Blogger Tundra Woman said...

Sell your stuff and buy an "RV": You can winter in the warmer weather without AC and summer in the colder weather without Heat. "Home" is where ever you're parked and I'm NOT thinkin' the Walmart Parking Lot. Yes, they get maybe .5/mi/gallon (that's why they're dirt cheap right now) but you're not driving all over creation, just to the most comfortable camp ground with all amenities and where ever you'd like to visit and explore. Pets are no problem.
Then get a long-term rental vehicle where ever you are. You don't like the neighbors? Move without a whole bunch of hoopla or expense. Yes, you'll have to get some sort of cell phone deal, but they come in handy for intentionally "dropped" calls from the "Family" who are so damn worried about you, they can't resist calling...IF you give them your #. You like to travel, like to dance so just bang the damn tambourine on your hip along with the campers next door who have gee-tars. They'll love you. And a PO Box is right handy along with Direct Deposit. Use a chain type drug store and you're good to go there. I've noted there are some hot Forest Rangers, DEC guys etc. and they're not all young enough to be your kid. You got married so young you never had a chance to do this stuff but it's never too late to do it in comfort. And without a forwarding address.

September 08, 2012  
Blogger Jessie said...

actually, my ex got snatched up by a gypsy, real shit. so to answer your request, the only gypsy i knew already quit her search for new members after her gaping maw swallowed the guy whole.

September 08, 2012  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

I can't afford an RV and I can't find gypsies anyway so I guess I'm still thinking!

September 09, 2012  
Blogger q1605 said...

Arunca-mi un os și te voi urmări în cazul în care orice

September 09, 2012  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...


I've tossed many, perhaps I am too subtle.

September 09, 2012  
Blogger Tundra Woman said...

You SURE you can't afford one? It doesn't have to be a humongous thing. OK. I was selfishly thinking you could spend the summer up here where we have LOTS of campgrounds that are really lovely. And so is the weather and the scenery. AND! If you want to, you can leave it parked here for the winter, the nice folks will winterize it for you and have it ready for you when you come back in the spring/summer from your winter rental. (sigh. That could be all KINDS of good times!)
Since you're in the Sunshine State and apparently surrounded by stealth hurricanes-on-two-feet (aka "Family-That-Isn't") as you probably know, the Circus folks relocate to your state for the winter. They're about the closest "group" I can think of that are gypsy-like. Apparently the "Family Lore" is something along the lines of, "Meg is a bare-back rider in a circus." Horror of horrors! Why not live down to their expectations? I'm sure they'd have a spot for a woman with a partially shaved scalp, multiple views of her cranium in HD and a cane. Then of course, there's always positions for migrant farmers/pickers up here but I don't think you could physically do that. But you could be an ESL/Literacy Teacher-even up here, they're always looking for people to fill these positions which are seasonal. So, you'd be here in the warmer weather. (I'm still selfishly angling to get you "relocated" here at least P/T ;) )
But what ever you do, please don't go back to where ever you were. Otherwise, we're gonna have to start a "Free Meg" Movement or what ever it takes to get you somewhere safe-priority #2 after priority #1: Regain your health, your strength and get away from your family. The stress of this stuff can't be helping your recovery at all.
You're absolutely right: Once you're designated the Scapegoat, doesn't matter what you achieve with your life-you're STILL the Family Trash Receptacle. (It'll be engraved on your Headstone.) Do normal, reasonably healthy family systems engage in this kind of crap? Of course not. IMO, there's the ugly roots of the nasty relationships in which we find ourselves in Adult Life. The most challenging Lesson in Life for me was to fully accept, "The label is NOT the person." Just because someone has the label, "Mother," "Father," Sister" or "Brother" does NOT mean they embody the commonly accepted qualities associated with these labels.That was a long, painful haul, Meggers. But realistically, their behavior said it all.
You're always welcome in The Tundra. Yes, we DO have Medical Treatment and some major Health Care facilities within a few hrs. drive and the local Hospitals aren't bad either: They handled my strokes and various "Brain Farts" quite adeptly. I had my first one sitting at the kitchen table of a dear friend on July 5, '97. She immediately called 911 and the first ambulance came pronto. As I was lying on the floor in and out of it with all these males around, they said, "We need the ALS ambulance-we can't transport her in this condition." My thought was, "GREAT! Not only is this the closest any male has been to me since DH's death in '92, even THEY don't want me!" (So much for "profound insights" when you're dying, eh?!)
Please get well soon, Meg. Life is full of uncertainties and having an unpredictable brain with a mind of it's own ups the "Uncertainty" factor exponentially. It IS scary. (Especially when the Professionals can't figure out why this is happening.) It's an act of faith to live when your body betrays you; it's an act of courage to change your life regardless of the uncertainty and regardless of those who'd prefer to keep you right where you've always been located for their own sick edification.

September 09, 2012  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...


I just found your comment. Now, if only I could find a gypsy to snatch up MY ex!!!

September 11, 2012  
Anonymous james said...

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September 29, 2012  

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