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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I had fun this weekend...

...in a "What the heck else am I going to do with my stupid ass?" sort of way. I haven't been to the beach in a good while so I decided to visit one before I head north (after, hopefully, I'll head south for a minute and check out Miami and Key West. I'm not sure but I think it's illegal to come to Florida for any length of time and them leave without seeing Miami OR Key West. If I left without seeing Miami, I'd feel guilty every time I heard Jackie Gleason's named mentioned. I'd toture myself with flashbacks of Miami coming really close and really fast right over the water. If I didn't go to Key West, I'd feel REALLY guilty very time I heard a Jimmy Buffet song and since, for some odd reason, I only hear Jimmey Buffet songs when I'm drinking, that is never a good situation. Alcohol and guilt don't mix well. So, just to be on the safe side, I should take a quick trip to the south quickly before I head north.

At my age, I have to think in terms of seeing places for the last time. When I visited Jersey with my father last spring, I thought about seeing places for the last time. I said good-bye to my grandparents' restaurant and the upstairs which they owned as well. They also had apartments up there to rent out. My dad took me right past the house in which I was conceived. My mother was supposed to be baby-sitting for my cousins that night. Dad's sister thought she could trust them not to have sex. I've never been THAT stupid. Dad and I also visited my sister's grave in Keansburg. That entire trip had me thinking in terms of "last times".

Anyway, back to the beach...I really did enjoy that. I was wearing a tie-died dress...pink with purples and blue, I love it. I have to admit that I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror wearing the dress and I looked fat. Well, maybe not so much fat as much as an "I'm just gonna cover EVERYTHING UP!" sort of attitude. I only notice it when I'm looking in the mirror so I just don't do that. It's absolutely a comfortable dress and I was very comfortable in it. Actually, the only UNcomfortable part of my beach-drobe was my bathing suit. As I lie there on the beach, I thought, "My comfort level would be perfect if I could lose this bathing suit and replace it with some nice white granny panties."

I tried to read a book while I was out there but between the wind and the sun, mother nature wasn't going to share my attention with anything else. It was actually a bit too cold to go in the water. Actually, getting in isn't the problem...getting OUT is. If it isn't at least a tad warm, you might be able to pull it off but this past weekend it got a bit chilly around here so most visitors to the beach were like me, enjoying the beach and relaxing next to the Gulf's gentle surf.

Anyway, it was a relatively quiet weekend and I pretty much enjoyed it. I didn't die but it would have been OK, I wouldn't have died doing something stupid. Oops, I have to go and actually open the door...it's for me and that rarely ever happens.



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